Remington is One {Phoenix Baby Photographer}


My little nephew Remy turned one on November 20th!  He is my baby brother’s baby.  Love this little man to pieces.  He is simply the SWEETEST, SWEETEST, SWEETEST baby EVER!  Ask anybody!  Totally laid back and content, loves people, and LOVES food.

2015-01-10_0005 2015-01-10_0004 2015-01-10_0003 2015-01-10_0002 2015-01-10_0001
Isn’t he such a handsome little guy?
2015-01-10_0013 2015-01-10_0012 2015-01-10_0011

2015-01-10_0010 2015-01-10_0009 2015-01-10_0008 2015-01-10_0007

2015-01-10_0014  2015-01-10_0017 2015-01-10_0016 2015-01-10_0015



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