Victor and Kristy {Phoenix Engagement Session)


My cousin Kristy is getting MARRIED in July (the 25th to be exact)! ?? So exciting. ?? We had a wonderful day together up North and even got to work in some canoe pictures. ??Too fun!

2015-05-08_0014 2015-05-08_0012 2015-05-08_0011


My brother David was our??gondolier. ??:)

2015-05-08_0002 2015-05-08_0003 2015-05-08_0004 2015-05-08_0005 2015-05-08_0006 2015-05-08_0007
I had to get a close up shot of my Grammy’s Wedding ring. ??So glad that Kristy is now the proud owner.
2015-05-08_0008 2015-05-08_0013

Congratulations Victor and Kristy!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Victor and Kristy {Phoenix Engagement Session)”

  1. Wow, that was a beautiful photo session made even more special by being on David and Aimee’s property! Good engagement photos Kristy and Victor!

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