The M Family {Phoenix Family Photography}

Some of my very favorite people in the world…
2015-06-09_0062 2015-06-09_0061
My brother Daniel, sister Brooke and her parents Patrick and Dawn.

2015-06-09_0058????2015-06-09_0083 2015-06-09_0082 2015-06-09_0081 2015-06-09_0080
My Mom in Love and her best friend Dawn (yes…my mom and Brooke’s mom have been best friends since the sixth grade…we have been accused of being inbreeders a time or three. ??:)
2015-06-09_0079 2015-06-09_0078 2015-06-09_0077
Josh (aka Peyton’s daddy) and Patrick
2015-06-09_0076 2015-06-09_0075 2015-06-09_0074 2015-06-09_0073 2015-06-09_0072 2015-06-09_0071 2015-06-09_0070 2015-06-09_0069 2015-06-09_0068 2015-06-09_0067 2015-06-09_0066 2015-06-09_0065 2015-06-09_0064

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3 thoughts on “The M Family {Phoenix Family Photography}”

  1. I love these pictures of an amazing family! So much love between all of these people. We love you! Great pictures as always Doni

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