Jacob aka “Cub” One Year {Phoenix Baby Photography}

I can’t believe this little man is one year already! ?? We did newborn/one year tire pictures for big brother Caleb and thought it would be fun to try a different variation for baby brother “Cub”. ??I love it when a plan comes together.

2015-08-20_0013 2015-08-20_0012 2015-08-20_0011 2015-08-20_0010 2015-08-20_0009 2015-08-20_0008 2015-08-20_0007 2015-08-20_0006 2015-08-20_0005 2015-08-20_0004 2015-08-20_0003 2015-08-20_0002 2015-08-20_0001

Love this baby boy…his big brother…this family. ??I love my job.

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