My Miracle

Yesterday while taking pictures of the puppies, I captured this shot. My mom and I both looked at the preview of the picture and both of us started crying. Don’t ask me how I happened to capture a moment like this but it floods my heart with praise just looking at it.

My Dearest Husband…

Yesterday I was getting gas at the station thinking to myself “I sure look frumpy today”. I hate to feel frumpy! I was wearing baggy clothes that were not especially flattering. Many people stop eating during time of stress. If I was one of them, I would be wearing the clothes I wore in the 7th grade I think (LOL!). Sadly, though, I need comfort food and this year it just never let up. I will start a diet again in January (of course…we all say that). Anyhow, I was at the gas station visualizing myself in a much sleeker slimmer outfit and like a typical woman, starting thinking that for the sake of my husband I should be skinnier. While I stood there thinking on this, I made a mental note of a few things. First, some men find it appalling if there wives are out in public and not dressed to the nines. Jim would never even contemplate this. If you asked him what I was wearing yesterday he likely would have no idea. If I would have called and said “Do you feel embarrassed when I go out somewhere wearing a huge shirt and baggy sweat pants?”, he would have stared dumbly at me wondering what in the world I was talking about and what my point was. LOL.

And this is exactly what I LOVE about my husband. His identity as a person is not wrapped up in mine. He is very secure and he just loves me. Of course the down side to all of this is that when I am dressed to the 9’s he doesn’t notice either (usually) LOL! Still though, while I know he must appreciate a size 6 wife as opposed to a (ya like I would really tell you…duh!) “blank”, he accepts me and loves me as I am. Which is a great great thing during molasses cookie season.

This week Jim and I have been watching our very favorite TV series of all time! Season three of 24! We gave up trying to watch them on TV because we just couldn’t take it. The suspense was terrible and we both prefer to marathon our way through this particular season. We have only 3 shows left so I can’t wait for him to get home tonight. I am on pins and needles with anticipation! I am pretty angry with President Palmer right now and disappointed in Tony. I love Jack (as always) and I think there is more to the story with Chase. I do NOT want Michelle to die and I am getting pretty nervous on this point. My favorite character though this season is Chloe. My favorite line this season was when Chloe said to Kim “Like that energy Kim. Use it!” You had to see it to see the humor in it but I am going to have to use that line on my boys when they are through fits LOL. I told Jim that Chloe is just weird enough to be interesting. He turned to me and said “That’s why I love you too. Your just weird enough to be interesting”. Funny man.

Quick note on protected posts…

I am so sorry Amy! I have been giggling at your “comment” since I read it. Does it feel like I am talking in front of your back? LOL! If I protect a post and make it available only to family, I promise to make it uninteresting so you don’t miss anything! LOL!

Passel of Puppies

As promised, I have posted a new “Puppy” Album. Click on the photo albums in the left column and you will see pictures. We still have plenty more puppies if anyone wants one (or two or three:)!

Babe’s Puppies

Litter of 5

Born: 12/2/04

3 boys and 2 girls

Babe is a full bred Border Collie and the Daddy is a golden retriever

Belle’s Puppies

Litter of 9

Born: 12/06/04

3 boys 6 girls

Belle is Babe’s sister and the dad is the same.

We have an “I am my own grandpa” situation going on here. That makes the puppies cousins and half siblings:). Good grief. For the record, I am very disappointed in Papa and Sweetie. They raised us kids well. They taught abstinence and protected boundaries. What happened here? They become grandparents and they just let their “kids” run wild! And who is this little tramp who visits during the night anyhow? Where are his parents and why aren’t they also responsible for these puppies I’d like to know! What is the world coming too! LOL! Sheeeeshhhh.

New Platform…Again!!!

So, we are back to the website again:)! I appreciate keeping all my posts on my server anyhow PLUS I now don’t have a monthly service charge so it all worked out.

Notice it looks very similar to the web diary I was using through Typepad. That is because Jim is just amazing. He really truly is:)!!! He just customized everything to make it look very similar to the other site. Good man he is.

A couple of things to note about this new diary:


Feel free to place comments on individual posts. To do that, simply hit the comment link associated with the post. This link is located in the bottom right hand corner of every entry. There will be a number next to the word “Comment” in parenthesis indicating how many comments have been posted. Feel free to browse them if you notice others have posted. “Comments” is just a fun way for me to get feedback on posts and for you to “chime in” on my thoughts for others to see. Few have used it so far and I am not sure if that is because you don’t “get it” or because you think I am nuts for all the stuff I post on the web and you certainely are not going to encourage the outrageous display of vulnerability LOL! The comment section is not a good way to “communicate” directly though with me as I will certainely be reading them but not likely responding to them (unless I simply can’t help myself which does happen on occasion).

Being the honest person that I am, I am going to simply be truthful about why I like the Comments section. I LOVE to get emails and I don’t want that to stop. HOWEVER, often times, people are just “commenting” on something specific and don’t need me to respond back. When comments are sent to me via email, I have this overwhelming sense of accountability to respond to emails. Many of you know I am failing miserably at this and the more I try to get ahead the further behind I get. I still want to respond to emails from clear back to January (yes I have archived many from every month) but I have not made a heck of a lot of progress. So…bottom line…if you have a comment and feel comfortable posting it publically and you are totally ok with me not responding, then post away. If you have a question or just want to “chat” or fill me in on YOU, then email me directly. I feel like I have a lot of one sided conversations these days. I am doing all the talking and I am simply astounded at how many are “listening”.

P.S. You will be required to post an email address for my sake but it won’t be made public. I am requiring this feature to cut back on spammer’s and unwanted comments. Also, I am keeping this site PG so anything profane will be deleted or at least edited:). Not that any of you would do THAT:) LOL! If you have a website and input the URL, your name will be underlined and the public can visit your webpage.

P.S.S. If you post a comment, you will notice that in the instructions you see gibberish code. I will try to take this out because I think it will only lead to confusion for the general population. The only “point” it serves, is to let code users know how to format their comments if they want. Ignore it.


This new site has a search feature that is pretty cool. If you know I posted something and can think of a key word in the posting, search for it and all the entries with that word will magically appear:). Sadly, it won’t highlight the word in the text so you have to skim to find what your are looking for but something is better than nothing I suppose.


Clicking on a category in the left column will take you to all entries in that category. Notice I categorize all my postings (for example Ty Diary).


First it is just cool:). When you are a stay at home mom you are lucky to know what day of the week it is much less the calendar date. Very helpful LOL. Second, the dates that appear in black indicate postings on that date. If you click on the black date it will bring up all postings for that date.


The new albums are not quite as nice…ugly templates…but oh well. The pictures are all I care about anyhow.


The last 20 recent posts will appear in this section.


The last 10 comments posted will appear in this section.


I have no idea what this is. I am trying to figure it out but I have been unsuccesful. I’ll let you know if I discover any type of user value. So far I haven’t. If anyone else is familiar with WordPress and can help me out on this one I would appreciate it.

If I think of anything else, I’ll post more later.

P.S. I no longer have a spell check on this. Dang! (Dang is allowed:)