Christmas with Sweetie Clause

Three years ago, my mama (aka Sweetie), asked me to do a painting for her.?? She wanted to be reading a Christmas story to one of her grandchildren by her Christmas tree.?? I took the image in 2014 but it took me 3 years to finish the project.?? In this case, most of these elements were real.?? This is her house, her tree, her quilt, her book, and my kid (Troy).?? For some reason, I kept thinking it was missing something so I set it aside until I figured it out.?? Finally in 2017, knowing I needed to finish this in time for her birthday, inspiration hit.?? It needed a window!?? No…Sweetie does not live in the mountains.?? She lives in the desert.?? But the beauty of crafting art is that I can take the piece in any direction that “I” want.?? So this is her mountain getaway home LOL.?? (She really does want one of those so I guess this is for both of us!)

And yes…I had lots of grandkid choices but I wanted this piece to include my youngest child.?? I love this of my mama and my baby.?? We printed this in a large format and she hangs it on the wall at Christmas time in her home.

Homeschooling mama to 4 amazing kids and part time professional photographer.

Fall Blessings

Early in the year I ordered this yellow outfit and umbrella for Troy.?? I idealized a scene up in Camp Verde near the river.?? As the months flew by, I realized that my session was unlikely to take place.?? I just didn’t have enough time to work out the details.?? So instead, I decided to create my vision at home.?? I love fall.?? October is my favorite month of the year.?? And I love rain.?? And baby ducks.?? And ESPECIALLY…TROY.

Homeschooling mama to 4 amazing kids and part time professional photographer.