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  • 2017 Christmas Letter

    2017 Christmas Letter

    From our home to yours

  • Christmas with Sweetie Clause

    Christmas with Sweetie Clause

    Three years ago, my mama (aka Sweetie), asked me to do a painting for her.?? She wanted to be reading a Christmas story to one of her grandchildren by her Christmas tree.?? I took the image in 2014 but it took me 3 years to finish the project.?? In this case, most of these elements […]

  • End of an Era

    End of an Era

    This piece to celebrate the next chapter of Tanner’s life (and mine!).?? My oldest kid has his driver’s license!!!?? He has always idealized having a cobalt blue truck but I used my own imagination on this one.

  • Fall Blessings

    Fall Blessings

    Early in the year I ordered this yellow outfit and umbrella for Troy.?? I idealized a scene up in Camp Verde near the river.?? As the months flew by, I realized that my session was unlikely to take place.?? I just didn’t have enough time to work out the details.?? So instead, I decided to […]

  • Pirate Moon

    Pirate Moon

    This is Troy’s very favorite picture.?? He believes he looks like a REAL pirate!