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  • Christmas with Sweetie Clause

    Christmas with Sweetie Clause

    Three years ago, my mama (aka Sweetie), asked me to do a painting for her.?? She wanted to be reading a Christmas story to one of her grandchildren by her Christmas tree.?? I took the image in 2014 but it took me 3 years to finish the project.?? In this case, most of these elements […]

  • Pirate Whale Spotting

    Pirate Whale Spotting

    I asked Troy to pretend like he was spotting a jumping fish in the water and I think he did a pretty stand up job with his acting.?? LOL.

  • Fall Blessings

    Fall Blessings

    Early in the year I ordered this yellow outfit and umbrella for Troy.?? I idealized a scene up in Camp Verde near the river.?? As the months flew by, I realized that my session was unlikely to take place.?? I just didn’t have enough time to work out the details.?? So instead, I decided to […]

  • Pirate Moon

    Pirate Moon

    This is Troy’s very favorite picture.?? He believes he looks like a REAL pirate!

  • Pirate on the High Seas

    Pirate on the High Seas

    Troy had fun playing with mama and was doing a great acting job for me!?? In light of shark week, I have lots of ocean art planned.