AI Week 2 – The Guys

Well would you believe my darn (but loveable) husband forgot to tape the show for me tonight?!!! I have Bible Study on Monday nights so I have to watch it late. Aaaaghh!!! Guess I will have to get your perspective and just realize I probably would have disagreed LOL! (So far, no one is voting like me:) I wonder how Joe did tonight? Isn’t there anybody in Phx that taped it? Wish they would post recap clips on the web!

Post away gals!

Obsenity Crimes

Some of you may have noticed that this weekend we were spammed by Online Poker. They spammed every posting with stupid commets and their advertisements. It appeared their may have been porn links as well but I didn’t look close. Because the url they left was for online poker, I simply deleted them this time and blocked this url from posting. HOWEVER, I did discover a website through Citizen that will allow me to post a report with the US Attorney’s office to report internet porn offenses. If this ever happens again, and it comes from a porn site, I am the mommy that will file a report for prosecution. Just thought you all should know that. This is an issue I would take it all the way on. I won’t let my family or yours be violated this way if there is anything I can do to prevent it.

For your own reference, here is the link for filing a report.


Just a couple of weeks ago Brooke and Heidi were involved in an email conversation that I could not relate to. Tanner never did the deed.

I am in big trouble now because my little Ty boy just figured it out! Don’t worry – Daddy is fixing the problem at 11:15 PM as I type this.

I caught the crime on video as I ran to get it as soon as I saw what he was up too! Here is a 30 second clip!

AI Results Week 1

I thought America was right on the money with sending Judd home but sad about Jared. I enjoyed Jared’s voice. I am okay with sending Melinda home (NEVER do Celine) but was sad with Sarah. I don’t think Sarah could have come close to bringing it home but Janay definitely should have left before Sarah. I don’t think Sarah was “up” for this but I do think she has a good future in the business. Another voice that I do enjoy. She’s young though…she’ll have more opportunities.

American Idol – The Gals

I have to hurry and post this as I know Aunt Beck will be waiting my results LOL.

Vonzell – I wasn’t big on the song but she definitely has talent. Also a good perfomer and she has “the look”.
Amanda – Seemed a little pitchy to me tonight but not bad.
Janay – Rough time of it. Nervous and pitchy. Was not impressed.
Carrie – I love Carrie. I am a country fan and I love the purity of her voice. Powerful tonight.
Sarah – I like her voice and her charisma but not the song tonight.
Melinda – That was very brave of her trying a Celine song. I think a mistake. Too overdone. Made me wish I could hear Celine instead.
Nadia – Didn’t see her talent tonight. Bored by song. Definitely can perform though and the hair is too fun.
Celena – Love her. She has country star written all over her I think. Judges were bored but Jim and I are were not. Anxious to see what she can do.
Mikalah – Can you say Fran Dresscher? She is a cross between Fran and Minnie Driver:). I love this little chick. She has such a dynamite personality. She is going somewhere irregardless of this competition. She has amazing energy for one so young. Sadly, I don’t think she has the vocal talent that many others do but I hope she stays around awhile so that I can entertained by her sheer charisma.
Lindsey – I love her voice but I think she will need to step up her game. Wasn’t the song to showcase her talent.
Jessica – Seemed a little “off” tonight but, again, I like her.
Aloha – Full of personality for sure but I was bored by the song. She can sing but I don’t necessarily enjoy her voice.

Our pick for the night…..Jim and I struggled between Carrie and Celena but ultimately we would go with Celena tonight.

We would send Janay packing. I can honestly say though that I don’t feel “finished” watching the others so I would have a tough time saying who else I would say goodbye too.

I will say though that after tonights show, I really think a male will win this competition. The girls did a very good job but I enjoyed last nights collective performances more. If I had to chose between Celena and Joseph – I would go for Joseph.


P.S. Heidi and I usually have varying opinions and we have fun comparing notes because we usually judge things differently. That alone makes this fun to post LOL.