Rodeo’s and Pumpkins

Here is a little known fact for you – I am not a big horse fan (due to allergies) but I love Rodeo’s! Heidi and I went to many a rodeo event together in our youth. Sadly, I married someone who is not real impressed with them and I no longer have a date. That is UNTIL I had the brainy idea to invite my little cowboy son Tanner! He, unlike his daddy, LOVES rodeo’s! I took him to his first rodeo last Friday night and it was definitely a hit with Tanner! His Aunt Brooke and Aunt Jodi were both riding in the big PRCA rodeo at the Glendale arena as part of the opening and closing drill team. Brooke, Jodi, and Aimee are all former AZ Rodeo Queens and once in awhile they take time for some events. Maybe Tanner will be my future date for rodeo events :).

We also went to Young’s Farm (aka The Pumpkin Patch) this weekend. Both my cowboys were adorable and had a great time. Grandma Cheri even managed to teach Ty to say “Pumpkin”. He say’s “pun – pin”.

Here are some fun pictures from the weekend:

Tanner and Noah having a great time

My darling boy

Can’t leave a rodeo without this picture

Coolest thing – these buffalo were herded up on top of that trailor



Brooke and Graham

Darin, Jodi, and Karsyn

Karsyn thinks her mommy looks beautiful:)


Papa and Tanner

Darin and Aviel


Tanner and Ty

Tanner, Ty and Karsyn

How do I get out of here?

Can I crawl out?

Jim was taking a picture of the lady bug on my shirt. See it?

Grandma Cheri and Ty

Ty signing “eat”

Me and my boys. Having a rowdy time aren’t we? Why oh why can’t I ever get cooperation for these pictures?

Day On the Farm

Today I am going to combine all of the postings into one for simplicity sake. I don’t have a whole lot to write this week but I do want to share several adorable pictures from Sunday.

Tanner Diary

Favorite Tanner Quote of the Week

Last week I got Ty up from his nap and Tanner had some cars ready for Ty to play with. Ty woke up a bit grumpy and didn’t want to play so he started crawling after me crying for mamma. Tanner stood on the chair and peered into the kitchen and said, “Mommy. He’s a little bit istracted right now”. LOL. (“distracted”)

Ty Diary

GREAT NEWS! – Ty is officially walking – not just steps. This week he finally advanced to walking a bit more than he crawls. I still wouldn’t say it is exclusive walking and he doesn’t go great distances but he is choosing to walk more often than he crawls. If you take him outside he won’t walk because right now he is limited by the goals he sets. In other words, he will look at the couch and the couch will be his goal to get to. If he doesn’t have a goal, he won’t try it thus the reason why wide open spaces are still intimidating for him. He still walks with his hands high above his head and his balance is still terrible but I don’t want to knock progress 🙂 ! He continues to struggle with balance and can’t get to a standing position on his own but I would rather concentrate on all that he is succeeding at for today 🙂 !


On an unfortunate note, he had another bad BHS episode last week. Sweetie had the “nerve” to take Tanner outside and didn’t bring Ty. He started screaming and holding his breath and I didn’t get to him fast enough to get him breathing. By the time I picked him up he was turning blue. I yelled for Jim and Jim took him from my arms. Eventually he took a breath but it was at the point when he was starting to loose consciousness. He leaned his head against Jim and just went absolutely vacant on us. He didn’t go out completely but enough that he lost alertness. When alertness returned to his face he started crying the saddest crying because the whole incident really scared him. I think I hyperventilated for 2 hours after that and my spine went numb that night. I still don’t have feeling back either. Why does stress affect me that way? Weird isn’t it? The neurologist told me that these spells seem to peak at about 18 months and Ty is 17 months corrected age so it may get a bit worse for a little while before he gets better. Under Ty’s eyes went black and that memory is haunting Sweetie because she had not witnessed a blue spell yet. A half inch band around his lips went very very white. I am tired of these pictures of my little Ty in my memory.(By the way, do you know what Sweetie’s solution was? Do everything Ty wants when he wants it. Ya right…like THAT is going to work! Granparents…what to do with them?!!)


Ty started signing the word “yes” this week and is trying to copy many words. I am noticing that sometimes he holds his tongue on the roof of his mouth when he talks so I am wondering if this will become a problem later. He learned to say “Oh Man” by copying daddy. Too cute! He also made up his own sign for “tickle me”. He starts tickling himself. It’s precious.


Shayla – THANK you for your comment on the sensory issues! That really helped knowing that Ty is not the only preemie with this little strange idiosyncracy! I really appreciated you writing about that! I am so excited for our trip but I am still a bit concerned for Ty with this.


When Tanner was a baby, if I would turn the stereo on in his room he would cry and point at it until I turned it off. Ty does the opposite. He learned this week to say “Nigh Nigh” and then point to his stereo so I will turn it on 🙂 .

Zandi Diary

Got this email from Aimee this week and thought it was adorable!

Zandi has been fascinated with counting lately. She counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, Zandi, 8, 9, 10. Somehow Zandi must sound like the number 7 to her, or
could it be that she thinks she’s so perfect that her name should replace
the number 7?!!!!!

Kansas Cousins

Ray Zuercher and daughter Kaitlyn came to visit this week. Ray takes each of his children on a special trip when they turn 13 and they decided on Phoenix. Good idea huh? Anyhow, we haven’t seem them in years so it was fun to see some of the Zuercher clan! When Ray saw Zandi, he immediately mentioned that she reminded him of me when I was her age. Funny because my mom, grammy, Aunt Beck, David and I all think that too. I don’t yearn for genetic children – not one bit – HOWEVER – it is fun to see some of my traits show up in my nieces and nephews 🙂 . Some of those traits aren’t being effectively appreciated though;).

Farm Day

Sunday was Sweetie’s 57th birthday (October 16th). We were all over celebrating and I (of course) broke out the camera. Sadly, David and Aimee had already left when I got my act together and Graham was asleep so I didn’t get pictures of all the kids but I think you’ll enjoy the shots I captured. Brooke and Jodi will be happy happy with a few of these pictures! 🙂







Jenna and Karsyn

Jodi, Karsyn, Brooke

Jodi and Karsyn

Jodi and Karsyn

Jodi and Karsyn

Jodi and Karsyn

Jodi, Karsyn, and Ty

Jodi, Jenna, Karsyn, and Ty

Ty and Karsyn


Noah, Tanner, Karsyn

Noah, Tanner, Karsyn

Ty, Noah, Tanner, Karsyn - all fun and games til someone gets hurt...

Noah, Tanner, Karsyn

Noah, Tanner, Karsyn

Ty pulling Jenna's hair



Brooke, Jenna,  Ty




Tanner on lookout while Noah sneeks in :)

Best Friends (mostly)

Tanner and Noah

Tanner and Noah

Tanner and Noah





Sweetie's Goat (or is this Jodi's?)

Some silly fellow (Daniel) gave the boys energy drinks!!!  Like they needed THAT!

Caffeinated boys!

Darin and Ty

Dusty told me that I bite my lip every time I look at him.  Aaaghh! Don't want to talk about IT!

Doesn't my honey have a beautiful smile?

Wondering what he is smiling at?

Now you know!


Ty - End of long day



Speaking of Leashes…

Ty really wants to cuddle. The problem? He would have to sit still and he just can’t do it. :). Last night he was so tired and he was sitting in Jim’s lap. He kept laying his head on daddy’s chest but then would lift his head to grin at Jim. Over and over and over this went. I could tell he wanted to relax in daddy’s embrace but he couldn’t keep himself from interacting.

At the moment, Ty actually has a very short leash to Jim and I. Most kids go through the separation anxiety stage at an earlier age but both mine waited a bit. Ty is bcoming very very co-dependant right now. In the evening, it seems he is never more than 13 inches away from me. This goes on for hours. He wants to be wherever I am and can’t concentrate on play because he just wants to be with mama. This is actually getting very difficult because this means mommy can’t concentrate on anything either because TyJo is climbing all over me, trying to take whatever is in my hand, sitting on lap, using me as a playgym, wanting me to read books, and even sitting on my lap and placing his face in front of mine so that if I try to look around him, he moves his head and blocks my view. He wants my FULL attention all evening. I am wanting him to start playing a little more independantly but at the moment he seems far off from that.

On Monday I left Ty with Jim to go pick up dinner. Jim was in the playroom playing with Tanner when I left and Ty had followed me to the front door. He started crying his eyes out when he realized I was leaving. As I closed the door I noticed he was holding his breath. I waited a few seconds before coming back in. By the time I got to him his lips were blue and I was throwing him in the air. He hasn’t come close to a pass out spell in awhile.

I made a big mistake by decapouging my BSF notebook with family pictures. Now I really struggle to do my BSF homework because Ty wants to get in my lap and study my notebook every morning. Today I did my study outside so that Ty was distracted. Worked well but it was quite hot out there still.

All you people that live in the colder climates and have green yards…I am sooooo jealous! Heidi’s mom is getting ready to move to Illinois and the backyard of the home they are looking at is like a wonderland! I dream of green!!!! My backyard is still not landscaped and is ugly brown dirt. Boys are happy with that but mamma hates it. I want grass but Jim doesn’t want to mow it and I can’t because I am allergic to grass so cutting it makes me really sick. Wish we could afford a backyard full of fake grass. They have some really nice stuff! Maybe even just a portion of it? I would love a beautifully landscaped back yard and I really really really want a jacuzzi with a gazebo someday!!!! They aren’t as scary to me as pools because you can padlock them when not in use. While I am dreaming, I would also love a reading gazebo. Not that you can make much use of it April through September, but the other half of the year I could enjoy it. I am daydreaming and need to get back on task…

My Climber
Remember a while back I was concerned about the open wall space behind my couch? I was afraid Ty would climb on top? He hasn’t done that but nearly climbed into my kitchen by way of the kitchen wall opening! My kitchen is gated so he can’t get in HOWEVER my recliner sits near the kitchen wall and above it is a 4×4 open cut out in the wall above my kitchen sink. Ty climbs up my recliner, leans the back against the wall so he has a ramp and leans over the cut out into the kitchen. Pretty freaky to turn around and be eye to eye with your one year old!

He also did a back flip over the arm of that chair this week. Scared me to death! He landed square on his hand and barely even cried.


We are excitely planning our December trip but I am starting to be concerned about one aspect. I mentioned recently that Ty is scared to death of Tanner’s T-Rex. He will lay prostrate screaming when that dinosaur is turned on. You can overexpose it to him for a few days and he’ll get over it but than when it reaapears later you have to start the conditioning process all over. (Same story as the glowbaby but worse). It occured to me that Ty’s problem may be sensory overload. I suspect he has some sensory issues common to micro preemies and I wonder if this is an extension of it. It isn’t any one thing that scares Ty, it is the combination of movement, sound, and lights. This does not look good for the animated world of Disney does it? Ty’s PT suggested I take him to Chucky Cheese’s and see how he does with the animated characters there. They don’t really “light up” though. I think he would be okay with the characters themselves but if we took him on Peter Pan’s Flight (for example), I am concerned the movement, the sound, and the lighting will scare him to pieces. If that turns out to be the case, I’ll be very glad that other family members are going so that we can rotate our ride experience 🙂 . I am a junky for amusement parks and it’s been years since I got to ride anything fun at Disney. My last Disney trip was when I was early in pregnancy with Tanner (we were celebrating), so I could only ride on the kiddie stuff.

Also, I am a bit dissapointed that we won’t have 2 weeks for this trip due to Jim’s new job. We have decided (I think) to purchase City Passes so we will be going to 3 days at Disney/California Adventure, 1 day at Seaworld, 1 day at the San Diego Zoo, and 1 day at Knottsberry Farm. Probably is WAY over doing it but Jim and I have looked forward to this much needed vacation for a long time so we are just going to go for it!

Other reasons that I am considering a sensory issue: (a) doesn’t respond much to temperature (hot vs cold). (b) still has a bit of texture aversion (c) very high pain tolerance (d) can’t seem to concentrate in a very stimulating environment – too easily distracted by stimulas. (e) the above sensory overload issue (I made that word up I think) (f) has been covering his ears to sound some. Not because things are too loud, more an issue of too much noise or noise he doesn’t like.


Okay all you mom’s out there….I need to know…how do you stop toddlers from screaming? This is driving me CRAZY!!!! I am open to your suggestions! Tanner didn’t do this so this is new for me. Ty doesn’t cry – he just YELLS when he is aggravated. I have tried seperating him from the room we are in so that he doesn’t get the attention he is after and I have tried the playpen or changing his scenery. When he gets determined about something though he just lets you know it. Yesterday Papa made the mistake of letting Ty type on his computer. When it was time to quit, Ty started screaming and screamed for darn near 15 minutes over that dumb computer. Aaaghhhhh!!!!!


No change. He walks with his hands high above his head like a little monkey 🙂 . He is choosing to walk between more furniture on his own but he still won’t walk much more than 6 feet and he will only walk that far if he is being encouraged to. He still cannot go from a sit to a stand on his own (meaning from the center of the room with nothing to hold on to). He also can’t stand still for more than a couple seconds or he will lose his balance.


Here is an updated word list. Did I remember all the words?

Daddy, Mommy, Tanner, Papa, Jodi, No No, Ya Ya Ya, Um Um, Hi, Bye Bye, Me Me Me, Baby

Recent additions: Nigh Nigh (he gets paranoid that it is Nigh Nigh time everytime we go into his room for anything); Uppa – we have heard him say this a couple of times for “up”; and this week “A-meh” for Amen!


Please, More, Bye, Eat, Drink, All Done, Blows Kiss


Ty has had his top 4 and bottom 4 for quite awhile. This week he started getting his 4 molars in – all at the same time. Two have broken skin and the other two are about too. He has had a real runny nose which I thought was from teething but Tanner started it too so I guess they both have a cold. Calling the Dr. today to find out about this years RSV shot for Ty.

When He Tucks Me In

Last week Tanner wanted to stay up late and play Xbox with daddy and I wanted to go to bed. I told Tanner that he should tuck ME in. He thought this was a great idea. He told me to go get my jammies on and then he walked me to the bathroom where he watched as I brushed my teeth. He is quite proactive and got me a drink of water all on his own.

When I climbed in bed, he pulled the covers up and tucked them around me. He then prayed and it was so precious. Sounded very much like the prayers that Jim say’s at his bedside each night. He thanked God for our family, for church, for his school, even for waking up in the morning. He prayed that Ty would sleep good and be safe and that mommy would sleep good too.

Then he walked around the house and turned off all the lights.

I learned something about Tanner that night. He is going to make a wonderful daddy because he loves to be a care giver. He has no problem assuming authority, even at 4. I was picturing that book “I’ll Love You Forever” (is that what it is called?). The book that I refuse to read again because it made me sob my heart out! Can’t believe they wrote a kids book like that…sheesssh!!! I could picture the last scene of the book though with the little boy now man carrying his elderly mother to bed. Tanner is compassionate and in those “tucking in” moments, I saw this little glimpse of the man he will become…it was beautiful.

I determined to not play that little game very often though. While I enjoyed every moment of his tender concern, I have this strong belief (instilled in me by my mother) that parents are to be givers and not takers. I never want to find myself “needing” from my children. I want to be the person that gives to them. Sometimes I see parents desperate for emotional support from their kids. Kids are not (generally) born givers. They have to be taught. You teach them by investing in them and filling their little love tanks – not by being needy. When they are older (much older) and mature – they will understand what it means to love because it was modeled.

To this day, my mother has never demanded a thing of me. She would give tirelessly to me and not ask for anything in return. She prioritizes my time, my schedule, my well being, my needs. Why? Because she relishes in being a mother. I don’t think she reminds herself to be “a giver not a taker”. It just comes naturally to her. She lives to love her children and she does not have a list of expectations for me in how that love should be reciprocated. I noticed and I want to be just like her.

(Consider the above in context though and realize that I do not believe in training selfish self serving kids – I do believe you need to teach kids to be unselfish and giving – I am only talking about not being needy of my kids meeting MY emotional needs. It is MY job to meet theirs – not the other way around.)


Kids are teaching me how patient I am NOT. The other day Tanner kept asking me for a drink. I was preoccupied in the kitchen and kept telling him to wait a minute. Finally he got pretty loud about it, frustrated that he had to ask so many times. I turned around and said “Tanner! You need to just be patient!”.

His reply left me staring open mouthed (and his daddy had to hide his face in the fridge so Tanner wouldn’t see the laughter).

“Mommy! You need to just get moozing!”

You know those moments when big eyes meet little eyes and little one realizes they just made a momentous mistake? Tanner quickly followed with “Just Kidding!”

Yes…that was very sassy of him – something he is not generally prone to. The way it just slipped out of his mouth though made me realize how often I say to him “Tanner – you need to get moving”. Was way to easy for him to fire that back at me.

Tanner’s “School”

Tanner is still LOVING BSF each week. So much so that he has started laying out his clothes day’s in advance! He is so excited to get to go and thanks the Lord for his school all the time. Last week we were studying Genesis 2. Part if his homework was to have mommy read Genesis Chapter 2 and then to answer a question. The question was “What did God say when he finished all that He had done?” (The answer was supposed to be “He said – It is good!”

Tanner is writing what I call the TJBV (Tanner James Brinkman Version of the bible). It is the passion version. According to Tanner, God didn’t say “It is good”. He said “Wow!!! That is AMAZING!” LOL.

I also find it cute that Tanner has called me “Miss Mommy” a few times this week. LOL.

Tanner’s Prayer

When Tanner pray’s at mealtime, this is what he say’s:

“God thank you for makin our food. Thank you for makin me. Amen”. I am assuming that he thanks God for making himself because when I pray for Tanner I always thank God for making Tanner and for giving him to me…guess he is just carrying this tradition on and I think it is precious.

General Funny Stuff

The other day Miss Barb (Ty’s PT) was on her way over and I was trying to quickly pick stuff up. Tanner didn’t feel like helping so he said “Mommy, I fink Miss Barb likes it messy”. 🙂

Tanner was using an unkind voice with his brother recently and I told him he needed to say what he has said again but using kind words. He said “Uuuuugggghhh! I don’t know which word! I need to fink fink fink!” 🙂

So adorable…