Landen – Friday Nov 17th

I have had several questions about Landen this week and just wanted to take a minute to update.

Here is what we know right now.

1.  Insurance has approved the surgery but the surgery will not be scheduled until Ferris and Susie can put $3500 down.  

2.  All paperwork is completed for the surgery but it still could take up to 30 days to schedule the neuro surgeon and we still don’t know what state the surgery will take place in.

3. Landen’s neuro keeps increasing his anti-seizure medication to keep the seizures at bay (which for the record is not working).  At this point, our poor little darling is sleeping darn near 20 out of 24 hours because of this. 

4.  Because nothing is working, there is conversation going on about hospitilizing Landen until the surgery which may mean a month or more in the hospital.  This decision will be made based on Landen’s bloodwork.  The concern is that the medication may be at a level that could do organ damage.  Other concerns are: (a) because he is sleeping so much he is loosing weight and may need to be tube fed for awhile and (b) his seizures are too difficult to control outside of the hospital.   Obviously, the hard thing about this is that Susie has five other children.  How in the world do you balance a 2 year old in the hospital with 5 others at home (and let’s not forget that Jacob needed nursing assistance just a couple months ago due to his CF). 

5.  Yesterday Landen had 3 more seizures even after the med change.


So as of 12:00 PM today, Landen is doing okay at home.  Susie is going to leave for my house shortly and ATTEMPT to attend Women of Faith with me tonight and tomorrow.  Ferris will be on kid duty.  Outside of miraculous intervention, we both figure there is zero chance that she will be able to stay at the conference without an emergency call.  She is tired and at the end of her rope though and she NEEDS this break and some time to “hear” God comfort and speak to her without the distraction of constant critical emergencies.  Please please pray her through this weekend.  Please continue to pray that if it be the Lord’s will, that Susie will NOT have any emergencies with kids this weekend and that Daddy will be able to fill in the gap.


Help please!

Does anyone have a really good general practice Dr. in the North Phoenix valley?  I need to make an appointment with a rhumatologist but they won’t take me without a referral from  my primary Dr. and I don’t have a Dr.  Haven’t seen one in a few years and I was on an HMO plan back then.  Now I am on an open PPO so I can see anyone who takes Pacificare PPO (seems most do thankfully).  I have no idea how to “choose” a Dr. without any reference.

Funny or Fortunate?

To quote my friend Missy in a recent comment, “Is the math thing suppossed to be funny?”

What “math thing” you ask.

I have changed this blog so that when you add a comment, before you submit you will have to answer a simple math question.  For example 2+3×1 = answer = 5 :).  It shouldn’t be more than simple math.  (If it is please tell me).

No I didn’t do this to be funny.  I have been having a TERRIBLE time with spammers.  I had 120 the other morning and I finally got FED up with it.  I think because my home page has over 120,000 hits I get pegged badly by the spam advertising groups.

I finally decide to up the anty on this and had two choices. Word verification or simple math.  I chose math because personally those word verification things tend to confuse me and half the time I can’t tell what letters I am looking at.  Math just seemed easier.

I REALLY hope this doesn’t disuade you from posting your comments because I consider the comment section a real benefit to my blog.  I LOVE to hear from you. 


At least something…

that is making me happy about our recent elections nightmare!

Got an email from the Susan B. Anthony list group and I found their observations interesting:


Mid-Term Elections 2006:  SBA List Candidate Fund Won More Than It Lost!

Dear James,

For the fifth consecutive election in a row, candidates endorsed by the SBA List Candidate Fund have won more than they have lost. 

The SBA List Candidate Fund won 59% of its federal campaigns this year. Seventeen of 29 SBA Candidate Fund-endorsed candidates were victorious on Tuesday.

By contrast, EMILY’s List won 43% of its federal races with 13 of 30 endorsed candidates prevailing on Election Day.  In 2002, the SBA List won 19 of 29 federal races (66%).  In 2004, SBA won 27 of 35 federal races (77%).

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the Democratic Party imitated the pro-life movement to pick up several seats on Tuesday. America did not vote against the pro-life position on Tuesday.  Even Democrats were sounding pro-life. 

The question for members of the new Democratic leadership is whether they will welcome true pro-life Democrats into policy-making positions.  Will they be more welcoming to Senator-elect Bob Casey on the Senate floor than they were to his father, the late pro-life Gov. Robert Casey (D-PA), when he was denied an opportunity to speak at the 1992 Democratic convention because of his pro-life position?

Democrats ran unusually moderate candidates because they realized they couldn’t win in most places around the country on a pro-abortion agenda.

The Democratic strategy proved successful in places like Pennsylvania and North Carolina where self-described pro-life Democrats Bob Casey and Heath Shuler defeated incumbent pro-life Republicans Rick Santorum and Charles Taylor.

The silver lining to this election is that pro-abortion Democrats realized they have to run pro-life candidates to win, and the Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund proved that even when we are outspent we outperform.  

Another silver lining is that Congress will welcome two new pro-life congresswomen in January!  Congresswomen-elect Mary Fallin (R-OK) and Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) are well-known, tremendous leaders in the pro-life movement.  

Thank you for your continued support of women and the unborn.  The Susan B. Anthony List will continue to take your message to all members of the new 110th Congress.

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.

Marjorie Dannenfelser
Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund


Landen Update

Yesterday afternoon Landen had two more serious seizures. One lasted for about 15 minutes and the other was about 20. As they were only five minutes apart, the hospital considered them one seizure (though mama insisted otherwise and she would know best in my opinion).

Considering this, I have three more prayer requests:

1. Please pray that the insurance paperwork for Landen’s surgery goes through VERY quickly!

2. Landen’s family is having to pay 35% of the surgery because they have been referred out of network for the surgeon. This seems unfair to me. If the in network Doctors won’t do it, insurance should have to pay for whoever the in network Dr. suggests don’t you think? !!!! Can we pray for the Lord’s intervention on this one?

3. Susie is supposed to attend the Women of Faith conference with me next weekend and Ferris is on daddy duty! PLEASE PLEASE pray that Landen can have a seizure and event free weekend so that Susie can attend this much needed conference! I feel so strongly that she needs to be there and would be encouraged by the “Contagious Joy” conference but if Landen’s health doesn’t improve, it seems impossible for her to make it!

Loving every one of you who are taking the time to lift Landen up in prayer. The Father hears us and loves it when we lift our petitions to Him.