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Landen Surgery Update

December 27, 2006

I don’t have much time to post this morning, but I know many people are waiting on word from the Jolley’s.

I’ll go into detail later but Landen is having a very very tough week.  Due to this, his surgery on Friday has been cancelled.  The Dr. will try to reschedule every four days looking for any opportunity to perform surgery but it will not be happening this week.  The Jolley family is in need of our constant prayer support.

Christmas morning was spent with Landen in the ER due to a very bad apnea episode.  The family did get to open gifts together later in the day though and Susie did get some pictures.  The kids were all very excited about their Christmas gifts but the day got a little crazy trying to plan Christmas around crisis.  More later.

From Susie…

December 21, 2006
My heart is full today for many reasons, but I could not let another minute pass without sitting down and pouring out some deep rooted thoughts. So here they are.
Monday began at the crack of dawn for Ferris and I. While he was struggling to get out the door for work I was back and forth on the phone with Landen’s sweet nurse trying to relay the past two hours of non stop activity. Trying to find a moment of peace and gather my strength to accomplish getting not only him to settle down but to wake up my three oldest children after a long weekend and get them ready and off for school. Because I have so much to say, I will only express that my day was very weary and seem to stretch out way too long. I spent Monday with Ryan on my hip, Jacob at my side, Landen needing attention…not a good day in our home to say the least.
Monday night a world of change came into our home because of many of you. I was not expecting the overwhelming amount of support and outreach and to be completely honest I was speechless at the sight of gifts, baked goods, the cards, the time, and the check that will see Landen into the surgery room in just a few short days.
There are no words to express the gratitude that Ferris and I have for the out pouring of LOVE that our simple little family has received. There are no correct words to let each and every one of you know the amount of PEACE that has been felt. There are no words that can explain the amount of stress that has been LIFTED.
It was almost too easy to forget even for a few short minutes just how difficult our trials had become, how debilitating and unkind our little Landen’s disease has become.
Through these past weeks, I’ve tried to let my loved ones and wonderful friends know just how much I appreciate their kindness, their thoughtfulness, and their selfless help. And through these weeks I’ve tried to be as optimistic and cheerful as I possibly can, but ladies and gentleman I am learning at a very extreme rate of speed that nothing is more precious for me than to not only give love but to KNOW and FEEL that I am loved.
As Doni would say “she’s just a baby” (meaning a new Christian) and it is so true. My faith has been tested in so many ways and I have found myself having to reach into the very bottom of my being just to hold on and accept all that I know is true , even if I cannot understand all of His plan. As I ponder this period in my life, I cannot help but give gratitude to the Lord for receiving me. With out His hand I would be nothing. If there is anything that I have learned through these past few weeks is that “self”
is not the answer, that “self” is a big stone we carry around with us, that “self” only gets in the way and will only drag us down and never lift us up.
So as our little family enters this holiday season we want all of you to know that this enormous gift of love has not only been felt with gratitude, but because of all of you we are reminded that we are loved and that the Lord is are hope for our existence and the promise of our life’s eternal.
  With Love,
    ThE JoLLEyS
Ferris, Susie, Logan, KyLeigh, Rachel, Jacob, Landen and Ryan.
P.S.—— yes there will be pictures taken CHRISTmas morning for all those wondering!!!!!!

Dear Family, Friends of, Grace Family Fellowship, Grace4Today, and Surprise, AZ Fire Dept:

Thank you for the overwhelming support for Project Jolley Christmas!  I am excited to announce that not only did we have at least six gifts per kid (actually more), but we raised $4327.67 for the Jolley family!!!!!  That was $827.67 OVER our goal!  God IS Good!!!!!

I thought you all would want to “see” what my front room looked like before delivery.  In the pictures below you will see that I decorated my dining room table with the donated decorations, and my coffee table and surrounding area is stacked high with gifts for the kids.  In addition, we had some baked goods, a couple of frozen meals, all the ingredients necessary for six kids to make gingerbread houses during winter break, and even a few gifts for mom.  I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I was by the outpouring of your love.  I had tears pouring more than once as your generous gifts just kept coming.  What an awesome gift this has been for our family to be able to participate, even in small part, to a greater community of loved ones who want to be the hands and feet of Jesus during CHRISTmas.



Many of you wanted “specifics” on how the “revelation” went so here it goes:

“JustSarah” (Sarah – you do know that I want to rename you right?  You are anything BUT a “just” :)…Jim, my Mother in Love, Tanner and Ty all drove to the Jolley home.  It has been touch and go all week as to where Susie and Landen would be.  Home? The ER?  A Pediatric unit?  It took some coordination to figure back up plans because things could change by the minute.  Sarah actually taught me how to use txt messaging on my cell phone during this coordiantion effort – whehew!  (How much exactly am I being charged for that though?  I’ll soon find out 😯 !

As it turned out, Landen was still home tonight.  Short of intubating him, the Jolley’s have all necessary equipment at home at this point to care for him including a nurse who is there many hours a day.  They are on VERY STRICT lockdown though so we realized we would not be able to enter the house.

We parked a couple of houses down and quietly piled up the gifts outside the door.  Susie did know I was coming.  I told her that I was coming to drop off Landen’s gift from Ty.  That was entirely true – I just left a bit out 🙂 .  I kept interrogating Sarah about the right house.  I forgot my directions at home and was relying on Sarah to tell us what house number it was and I kept visualizing getting all these gifts piled and having a neighbor with children answer the door.  It was pretty tough for Sarah and I to keep a lid on our endless giggles imagining all the awkward situations we could be in if we accidentally piled gifts at the wrong house.  The oxygen tank outside the door though convinced us we were at the right place.  Thank you Sarah for keeping me on the straight and narrow 😉 .

When all was set just right, we knocked and waited.  Meanwhile, Ferris and the kids were out for the evening so only Susie, Landen, and Landen’s nurse were at the house.  This was a blessing in disguise because Susie needed her own moments to “digest” this AND she insisted that if the kids had seen the gifts, CHRISTmas would have happened on the 18th!!!  🙂 

When Susie answered the door – there was first silence.  Then in this little voice I hear “Doni!  This is not a gift from Ty to Landen”.  To which I replied “Yes it is!  There really is “A” gift to Landen from Ty in this pile somewhere I just didn’t mention the gifts from everybody else!

To say she was overwhelmed would be an understatement.  Susie is not usually a “cryer” but being the expressor that I am, I encourage others to join in the fun and cry with me LOL!  When we presented her with the check that would cover Landen’s surgery plus some, she was completely speechless.  I won’t say much more about Susie’s reaction because I think she will want to tell you herself.  I will say this though, she told me tonight on the phone that a mountain of stress fell off her when she opened her door – all in just a moment.  If even for one brief moment tonight, she feels wrapped in the arms of love, I am grateful and I am sure you all feel the same way.

The kids do not know about this surprise yet.  Susie and Landen’s nurse hid all the presents in a locked bedroom before anyone got home.  She can’t wait for their expressions on CHRISTmas morning and she promised to take pictures and allow me to post them so we could all see those happy little faces.

As for our dear precious little guy Landen…I’ll be honest.  We are in a very critical place.  His body is weakening and if surgery were scheduled for tomorrow, they would have to cancel because his body could not handle the stress of it.  In 10 days Landen is scheduled for surgery, and while we are not giving up hope, we are acknowledging that it will take supernatural intervention from God to prepare his tired little body for surgery.  We can’t speak on God’s behalf.  We don’t know if He will choose to work a miracle in this situation or not.  Trusting Him anyways is when the rubber REALLY meets the road.   My mom told me once that “when your will and God’s will intersect, you have reached the point of the cross”.  We first pray as Jesus prayed, God’s will be done…but He also knows that the deepest outpouring of our heart is pleading for His mighty Hand to reach into a seemingly impossible situation and leave us in awe of His handiwork.  So we ask our Daddy God…and then we wait.

Please pray for peace that surpasses all understanding for the Jolley’s.  Pray for wisdom for them in the choices they need to make and great discernment for Landen’s Dr.s.  Above all else, pray that this situation will draw them closer to the Father – that they will feel sheltered and cherished and treasured beyond measure even in the midst of this terrible storm.   We do not know what the future holds, but we do know WHO holds the future.  May we rest in that much.

Thank you all for your loving gifts –


Jim and Doni Brinkman on behalf of the Jolley family





December 14, 2006

Noah has had quite a day and he and his Daddy and Mommy could use some prayer support!

He was playing outside this morning and decided to unlatch the trailor gate on Daniel’s big flat bed.  The gate probably weighs over 100 pounds.  When he got the second latch free, it swung down so fast and so hard that it hit him across the thighs and threw him down.  THANKFULLY there was a large rock that caught the gate and kept it from pinning Noah down.

Noah told Graham to run and get Brooke.  (Remember – Noah is 4 and Graham is 2).  Brooke was brushing her teeth when Graham said “Mommy Noah needs you”.  Brooke told Graham she would be right there and continued brushing her teeth not realizing the urgency of the situation.  Graham then say’s “MOMMY!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”  That was Brooke’s first clue that trouble was brewing.  She ran with Graham to Noah.  Noah’s first words were “Mommy my bones are broke!”

Brooke called the paramedics and Noah had surgery today on his leg.  The femar (between the hip and knee), was split and shifted by at least 1/2 an inch and ran most of the length of the femar bone.  Noah now has large pins sticking out of his leg (which was better than the full lower body cast originally suggested).  He has been in A LOT of pain!  How Brooke and Daniel will keep Noah from being bumped, pushed, or nudged is beyond any of us!  He will have to be carried around for at least his first week but after that will be able to start putting pressure on the leg.  Within 2 weeks he should be walking on it.  He will have the pins for 8 to 10 weeks though. 

Brooke has no idea how she will manage a 5 month old baby, a 2 year old, and an incapacitated 4 year old.  Not going to be an easy month!!!  Braxtyn will be with me the next couple of days (risk being I may not give her back;) and Graham is at Grandma’s.  Please be praying for my darlin’ little nephew.  I can’t stand it that he hurts so much.  He was being his usual adorable self this evening after surgery though.  It was all “Please” and “Thank You’s” to the nurses and when they asked him if he wanted to see his pins he sweetly said “No thank you”.  He is his mother’s child!

Good glory huh?  So Noah has already had stitches AND broken bones and he just turned 4 in November.  Not a good sign!  

Off to bed – it’s been a long day!


P.S.  Landen is home for the time being but it’s very touch and go.  The hospital decided he was better at home pre-surgery on home health care with a nurse spending time with him daily then risking getting sick in the hospital.  Unfortunately, he has had 25 significant seizures at home in 4 days so the limits are really being pushed with home health care.  Susie is completely (did I say COMPLETELY?) worn out.   PLEASE pray that Landen is able to have this surgery.  We are really holding on to hope that this surgery will be a success.  It is currently scheduled for the 29th of December – only 4 days after Christmas.  Also, Susie’s kids are on winter break starting next week and that is going to complicate things immensely.  Pray pray pray!



CHRISTmas Came

December 6, 2006

Last week Tanner went to Aunt Beck’s and he was excited to see her Christmas decorations.  He started urging me to get going on ours so today (December 5th) we had a little party.  We bought egg nog and ginger ale (which mosly I drank) and some cookies and candy.  We played Christmas music and Tanner, Ty and I got all our decorations up.  As soon as we finished Tanner wanted to call Aunt Beck.  The first thing he said to her was “Aunt Beck!  Can you come over?  Christmas came!”   Yes indeed, it does look like Christmas came to the Brinkman house 🙂 !  A little off balance maybe since I let a 5 year old and 2 year old help decorate but all the more precious because of it.

But then came my favorite part…

During the hustle and bustle of the season, it is easy to assume that our kids miss the point.  I have tried to keep the attention on the CHRIST and make certain to correct every “Happy Holiday” greeting with a returned “Merry CHRISTmas” but have I communicated the heart of the message sufficiently to my children?

Imagine my delight when Tanner demonstrated a simple yet profound understanding of the gospel – it’s all about Jesus. 

Tanner found my miniature precious moments nativity set (that Grammy bought me years ago as a collectors item) and he was excited to open it.  I told him that since he was 5, he was probably old enough to carefully set it up for me.  When he was done, he invited me in to see his assembly.  Tears filled my eyes when I saw it.  When I asked him why he set it up this way he said “Because that is what they did“.  Out of the mouths and hearts of babes.  The pictures will speak for themselves.



P.S.  This is how Ty decorated.