Yesterday seemed doomed right from the start.  For various reasons, Ty and I were both in rare form.  It just so happened that it was the day Jim and I had reserved for my “private” birthday party of two.  He was going to leave work early, both kids would be spending the night elsewhere (a VERY rare occurrence), we would go to dinner and then come home for an evening in a quiet house.  By the end of the day I was feeling very needy of that date. 

I knew my little Denis was going to be a handful.  The early warning signs were there.  He was busy busy busy and “the man with the plan” all morning.  When Grandma arrived at lunchtime to pick up Tanner, Ty didn’t let me get a word in.  He had oh so much to talk about and show and tell.  I finally sent both of them to the playroom so that I could actually talk a moment.  Grandma knew she had come on a good day to rescue me 🙂 .

When Grandma got ready to leave with Tanner, Ty was down right excited.

“Bye Tanner Bye!!!!  Go with Grandma now Tanner.  Your going with Grandma.  Bye Tanner!!!!!”

Ty knew that Tanner would spend the night with Grandma and that he would be spending the night with Papa and Sweetie so he was anxious for Tanner to be off so he could leave for his evening destination.  I wanted to give Sweetie as much quiet time as possible so I decided to run a few errands before dropping Ty off.  He saw me packing his pack and play and was quick to let me know he would NOT be sleeping in that.  Great. 

I asked him if he wanted Panda for lunch and he said “Uh, I prefer Quiznos“.  You “prefer”????  Apparently I say that.  🙂

He got Panda.  “I” preferred Panda and it was MY birthday (well day two of it actually – I was dragging it out).

When we got to the Walmart parking lot I told him we were going to run in to Old Navy first.  He was playing his gameboy in his car seat and without looking up said “I don’t want to go to Old Navy.  I’ll just wait in the car.”  Oh really?  Like I would EVER in a million life times leave my three year old in a Walmart parking lot in the car.  When I opened his door to get him out, he looked at me with a very serious expression and said “I just called you a punk.”  I looked at him with a very serious expression and told him what consequences he would be looking at should he ever DARE to call his mother a “punk” again.  (To be fair, he learned that word from Uncles and Daddy and I am not surprised he tried to exercise this on me at least once).

We got through our trip fairly unscathed but I was anxious to drop the munchkin off with Sweetie and go be by myself for even 30 minutes before Daddy got home.  (I have been having a bit of a fatigue relapse in the last two weeks and I can’t explain it – I don’t have the heart to even talk about that today but that was the root of my issue yesterday).

When I dropped him off with my mom I said “Watch out.  This child is in rare form today.”  Fast forward a couple hours.

Jim and I went to a nice German restaurant in the old town Glendale district for dinner and had a lovely date.  We debated seeing a movie but I decided that “I preferred” to watch Blood Diamond at home in a quiet house – just me and my lover :).

As we pulled into the driveway my cell phone rang and it was Papa.  Uh oh. 

“Hi Dad what’s going on?”

“Uh Mom and I left the house for a bit and we left Ty with Rob and Kat and Dusty and Michelle.  We just wanted to let you know and make sure you are okay with that.”

A moment hesitation on my part

“Uh yah.  Where are you going?”

“We just had to run out for a bit.”  (Some stuttering involved in this sentence).

I sat in silence a moment trying to quickly process this.  Now my dad is a very likely candidate for abandoning child with an Uncle or Aunt to run off and do something more exciting 🙂 .  My mother however, is the most unlikely candidate on the planet for that action.  She is ultra responsible and the chances of her leaving Ty with ANYONE to even go get a Sonic coke are so unimaginably unlikely that I don’t think the statistic would exist.  Completely baffled I tried to figure out what crisis motivated this.  With a Pastor you never know.  He could have been called out on a private emergency that he couldn’t disclose and therefore he was being evasive.  Still….why would mom go with him?  Had I not asked the next question, he may have kept me in the dark but my question left him little choice but the truth.

“Dad how long are you and mom going to be gone?”

Hesitation on Dad’s part.

“Well a bit.  (Hesitation again and then with a very light tone) Mom is in the ER”.


Mom was tickling Ty and he kept begging “one more time”  She “one too many timed” and in with great giggling and gusto he threw his head forward and they bonked heads.  They bonked heads so hard that he put mom in a daze, split her eyebrow open to the bone and she got NINE STICHES!!!!!!  And if you are wondering, no there was not one scratch on Ty.

Sweetie wants me to make it very clear that he was NOT head banging her.  He was just giggling and it was completely an accident.

Folks – I leave my little man with his grandmother for ONE NIGHT and he puts her in the Emergency Room!  GOOOOODDDD GGGGLLLOOOORRRYYYY!! 

Needless to say, Jim and I got back in the car and went to pick Ty up.  Papa and Sweetie tried to talk us out of it.  Sweetie didn’t want Papa to tell me where she was but she didn’t feel comfortable leaving Ty and not telling me she did it so they were in a quandary.  She wanted Papa to go home and take care of Ty and leave her in the ER.  To which everyone who knows my mother now laughs hysterically.  Can you imagine?  Ya right.  THAT would be a good idea.  She has trouble with her blood pressure because of anxiety to even go to a routine Dr. appointment!  I was already worried she was at risk of going orthostatic by facing stitches.  To my knowledge, my mother has never been injured.  No stitches (short of surgeries) or broken bones ever.  Jim found it plenty ironic that Dad, who had paid for stitches for the boys for years on end was now still having to pay for stitches – now because of grandchildren.  (We are offering to pay their copay by the way)

The issue wasn’t leaving Ty with the four previous mentioned, and it turned out Aunt Aimee was there as well.  The issue was, when my mom got out of the ER she would reclaim her Ty duty and I didn’t think she needed to be worrying about Ty once she got home. 

It worked out because by the time we got him home, we put him straight to bed and we resumed our evening plans.

Jim and I kept shaking our heads all evening though.  It figures.  It just figures.




Good Morning

Good morning good morning good morning it’s time to rise and shine.  Good morning good morning good morning I hope your feeling fine.  The day is shining just for you and all your dreams are coming true doodly do doodly do….Good morning good morning good morning….

Where in the world do I know that song from?  What are the rest of the lyrics?  Psalty?  Down by the Creek Bank?  Bullfrogs and Butterflies?  Where where where???  25+ years later it still dances in my head on mornings like this and I sing what I remember of it to my kiddies. 

Why such a dream come true morning?  Well I’ll just tell you.  When we bought this house just over a year ago I told my dear husband that the most important project to take on was to remove the almost white carpet from the front two rooms.  I knew that we would destroy it with two children in about 60 days (and we did).  Any mother that can keep a light carpet spotless with small children has earned the gold star in my book.  I am not that woman.

Jim, still tired of the last floor replacement in the old house, promised if I would wait until this spring he would do it.  That gave me a whole year to beg and plead him to ALSO rip out the tile in the entryway, hallway, AND kitchen and put wood laminate in those areas too.  He did NOT want to pull tile out again.  In the last month, I wore the poor guy down.  Last night we rented a jack hammer from Home Depot and he allowed himself a 350.00 Miter saw for the wood project (there always has to be the reward of some new great tool involved – kinda like woman’s new clothing after dieting – we must be gifted for our diligence and hard work 😉 ).

So today is the day!  Tanner and I even bought gloves to help Daddy carry out the tile.  I am so excited for this work project because within the next few weeks those ugly carpets will be gone gone gone!!!!!!!  Yippppppeeeee!!!!  We are keeping the carpet in the bedrooms for now and with the exception of the playroom, they look ok.  I am happy happy happy.

My Smart Boy – (compliments of my home school blog:)

As Vicki suggested, I bought unifix cubes.  I bought 100 – 10 of each color.  Tanner loves working with them so today I decided to work with patterns. 

I took 4 blocks – 2 blue and 2 red.  Pattern was 1 blue 1 red 1 blue 1 red.  Asked Tanner to copy my pattern.  He took two different colors 2 brown and 2 yellow and then did 1 brown 1 yellow 1 brown 1 yellow.  With different colors even, he copied my pattern.  Smart boy.  We did this awhile and since he was so good at it I kept making the patterns more difficult.  I couldn’t trip him up for anything.  Finally I asked him how many colors I could put in my pattern for him.  He said 5.  I thought that would be really tough especially if he was using totally different colors because he would have to use the 5 colors of the set I wasn’t using.  We divided the set.  Here was my pattern:

15 cubes long:  green, green, blue, green, orange, orange, orange, white, red, red, white, red, blue, blue, orange.  This pattern incorporated 5 different colors and the pattern was very random.

He used the other 5 colors and matched it perfectly on the first try.  Maybe this doesn’t seem too difficult but it IS especially if you are not using the same set of colors because you have to figure out how your colors match the code.  Maybe you will see what I mean if I write this out.  Mine is top, Tanner’s is bottom

grn grn blu grn org org org wht red red wht red blu blue org
ylw ylw  blk ylw brw brw brw prp br2 br2 prp br2 blk blk brw

I was watching him do it and having trouble in my own mind keeping the pattern straight because as he went he was copying the color pattern but ALSO copying the sequence of the colors which meant he had to correlate every one of his 5 colors to one of my 5 colors and then keep the scheme consistent.  Is it just me or is that really intelligent for 5?  I thought so!  I saved the blocks to show Jim when he gets home. 

My By the Book Boy

I am seeing so much of myself in my son lately.  Tanner can’t tolerate any form of failure.  In teaching him a better way, I am having to learn it myself.  When we work on handwriting, he whines and cries with EVERY letter because he will only accept his work if he deems it perfect – perfect defined by the example.  Once in awhile, on a really good day, he will do something less than perfect and say “But that’s okay mommy right?”.  To which I am quick to affirm. 

This week during teaching we were working on math and he was instructed to color the objects of the longest length.  After a bit he had to color a fish and he said “Mommy I don’t want to keep coloring the longest ones”.  “Okay just circle them then” I replied.  Very seriously he looks at me and says “Does it say that?” meaning do the instructions say you can circle instead of color.  I say “No but you can if you want”.  I watch him.  He resumes coloring.  I knew it.  I knew the minute I affirmed that the book did not specifically say he could circle that he would have to stick to the directions verbatim.  I saw myself in that moment and wondered how I ever survived that kind of personal pressure.  I think I am getting better but it has taken me a lot of years.  Hoping Tanner sees the new me and will emulate that.


Tanner had a great time at AIT last week though mommy was sore for two days.  I had to run laps, do jumping jacks, push ups…the whole drill with him and it was VERY VERY hot that day.  He played “ketchup and mustard” where kids wear flag belts and have to chase each other and remove each other’s belts.  After he acclimated to the game, he won hands down three games in a row – was the last man standing.  He was so proud of himself I even caught him victory dancing (which is amazing for Tanner).  It was adorable.  He really is very athletically inclined.  That’s why I pushed him out of his comfort zone on this one – I knew he would do well and enjoy it.  He still wants mom to be on the field with him though.  People if I end up a PE coach at the end of this, NO ONE will believe it.  I am the most non athletic person ever.  Sigh….what one does for their kids…..sheeeeshhh.

We had to have a talk later about being a good and kind winner and a kind loser too.  I explained that when other kids win sometimes, that I expected Tanner to be very happy for their success and tell them they did a good job.  He then let me know that he really likes to win though.  LOL.  Don’t I know it.

The Difference Between the Sexes

Zandi and Zane were over last week and I always get a kick out of watching my boys interact with ME as a three year old.  Zandi is my little twin.  She conned Tanner into playing house with her and next thing you know I actually heard Tanner telling her “Bye – I love you” as he (the daddy I guess) left for work or some such thing.  He adamantly denies this now by the way. 

Ty and Zandi are the most interesting to watch though for a variety of reasons.  Zandi got a doll out of my hope chest to play with and Ty copied her and chose a different one.  Zandi treated her doll like any 3 year old girl would.  Very loving and nurturing.  Ty, on the other hand drug his doll by the hand down the hall and said “I am going hunting with my baby!”  LOL.  I wasn’t sure if I should let Ty play with a doll until that moment and then I realized that nature intervened and I had NOTHING to be concerned about 🙂 !


Ty still has some OCD issues going on.  Here are two examples:

Example 1 – Repeat behaviors

T – Mommy can I watch tv when we get home?

D – Yes

T- Can I?

D – Yes

T- Can I watch tv?

D – Yes

T – When we get home can I watch tv?


T – Can I mommy?

D – TY JORDAN!  I will not answer that question again.  I have answered it over and over.

T – Did you say yes?


Example 2 – His Room

I believe I mentioned in a recent post that Ty can’t tolerate anything in his crib at night.  No pillow, no sippy, no blanket…nothing.  He has always been this way.  Tanner loves to aggravate this situation by throwing things in which annoys the daylights out of Ty.  This week though he has been making me clean his room before bed.  If ANYTHING that doesn’t belong in the room is in there he is quick to point it out before I leave.  Two nights ago, he wanted the tractor book back in the playroom.  Last night, their were clothes on the floor and he asked me to pick them up.  Jim thinks he is stalling but I don’t because I have seen him progressively get worse and worse with this over a long course of time and is consistent with it.  He doesn’t care about any other room being messy but it cannot be his room before bed.  Weird.

Mr. The Incredible

My friend Missy mailed Ty a Mr. The Incredible play cell phone and Mr. The Incredible (Dash actually) jacket this week.  Ty loved them!  He has watched this movie twice a day all week.  I have indulged him because he is actually starting to watch it for very lengthy periods now which is a big step for his attention.  He is quoting movie lines this week too.  My two favorites are:

Where is my Super Suit????” – said very loudly while pretending to look throughout the house.

I am NOT happy BOB“! – He imitates Holly Hunter perfectly with this one.  Truly my favorite.

I realized though that he truly does have high aspirations for becoming Mr. The Incredible someday.  He asked me for a piece of gum and I said he was too little for gum.  His reply was “When I get to be Mr. The Incredible can I have gum?”  LOL.  Career pathed at 3.  How does one homeschool their child to become a super hero I wonder?  😉  This Delight Directed Learning business is about to get interesting.

And now I must depart and help Jim with our project but I will leave you with one more cute Ty quip.  As we were walking to the park this week, he grabbed his daddy’s hand, looked up at him and said “Daddy you are a CUTE guy!”

And mommy thinks Daddy is a cute guy too – especially today!!!!




I am a bit late taking Ty’s 3 year pictures but I finally got them done (and before Easter at that 🙂 ).  I had to get them finished before Easter because next week I need to do Ty and Tanner’s Easter pictures. THAT should be fun (NOT!).  Taking pictures of a 3 year old is a pain in the neck to be perfectly honest.  This shoot was plenty frustrating but I still got some cute ones even still.  🙂

This picture was very blurry so I had to try to sharpen it.  So sad too – I liked it and couldn’t bring myself to delete it.

Karsyn is just thrilled about this…can you tell?

This is David’s dog Sam and Dusty’s puppy Gunner.  I am an animal liker not lover so I don’t want a dog anytime soon, but Sam has got to be my very favorite dog (if I was going to have one).


Yesterday I got to see my friend Meredith who I haven’t seen in awhile and she remarked that she was surprised at how good I am feeling.  I AM FEELING GOOD!  I have been happy happy happy!  (Last time I saw Meredith she was sitting with me while I cried on the phone with the Dr. over the hysterectomy issue).  And yes, that issue still needs to be addressed (but not today) :).

I have been realizing lately how BAD I felt last year.  My FMS/CFS symptoms were so flared up and I had no idea what the root was.

This year has been soooooooooooo different.  I have been taking vitamins, iron, CoQ10, and magnesium and this may be helping but I really think cutting out sugar and white flour has been the number one thing to turn my health around.

I have been waking up earlier than I have in a L O N G time. My house is getting cleaned, my laundry caught up, that dang Snowflake DVD was FINALLY finished, I have consistently been working with Tanner on his “informal” kindergarten work daily (7 days a week not five), I have been doing little project stuff with the kids, lots of park time, I have seen some friends, I have made plans for a few upgrades in our house to accomodate home school, I have put in hours and hours of homeschool research, gone to the library several times, been working on long overdue personal projects, updated my budget, renewed my homestudy.  Forgive the long run on sentence but I haven’t had the opportunity to write a list of things that I HAVE accomplished in a long time!  I am so thankful!!!!!  Of course, now my friends and family are wondering where I am because I seem to be even less available now but that is because I am up and going, no naps, and a busy to do list every day.  The great thing is that part of my “to do” list is stuff with the kids and I have been able to really enjoy them lately.  Ty and Tanner and I printed off Cars and The Incredibles clip art yesterday and made pictures with them.  Ty thought that was fabulous and has been begging for more.  He even went so far as to rip up his original so to defend that it was “ruined” and he needed to make a new one.  Quite crafty of him I thought. 🙂   This morning I was busy writing out word cards for Tanner so that we can write our own stories that are more interesting to him.  See what I mean?  I haven’t had this kind of energy in awhile!  I think another thing that is helping me is that I really simplified my life.  Without therapy three times a week, and trying to limit my weekly committments, I have been able to relax and prioritize better.  I like the quiet life and right now I need.  Thanking the Lord that His mercy is new every morning.

My Tanner

Tanner is such a sweet little pleaser.  This week we were talking about school and I asked him if there was anything fun that HE wanted to learn about.  He said “rhyming”.  I said “Tanner you don’t like rhyming.”  He said “But mommy that is what YOU want me to learn about right?”  Melted my heart.  It is hard to teach Tanner sometimes because he sets higher goals for himself than I set for him and he can’t tolerate failure AT ALL.  One little mistake will send him right over the edge.  I affirm him over and over and over.  For awhile I was holding myself soley responsible for this and was trying to figure out what I was doing to put so much pressure on him.  I realized though that it truly is Tanner putting pressure on himself and that is why I have not been able to help him overcome this.  He won’t cut himself any slack.  Partly why I started supplementing his reading lessons with  He is a tiny bit easier on himself when working with an interactive program.  A little less pressure involved I guess.

I took him to his first week of Athletes in Training (a one hour weekly physical education program at the park sponsered by a Christian Homeschool group).  He cried his heart out for about 30 minutes and I could not convince him to participate.  He begged for Ty to go with him (Ty is too young for the program right now).  It broke my heart when he clung to my leg and said “Mommy I am scared”.  Sigh…….

This week we go to plan B.  I will get a sitter for Ty and I will participate on the field with Tanner to help acclimate him.  He say’s he will cooperate with this plan but that is yet to be seen.  Hoping tomorrow goes better than last week.  He plays with other children very well but integrating into a new group is really hard for him.

My Ty

I heard a funny little conversation between Jim and Ty this week.  As I listened to the exchange, my attention was drawn to Ty’s language and logic skills. 

T:  Daddy – you chicken little soup.

J:  Ty – you brocolli soup.

T:  Daddy you bean soup.

J:  Ty you piece of parsley.

T: Daddy you piece of pie!

🙂  My funny boys.


Please be praying for Landen.  He is really really struggling this week and may be placed back into hospice care.  Susie has a full day of MRI’s, EEG’s, and other tests.  She is very sleep deprived and really needs us to pray them through this.  My heart is heavy on this one….