Up too late…

The guys are STILL playing Halo 3 so I have had plenty of time to sit and fiddle.  In my previous post I wrote about trying to simulate infrared digitally.  Had some play time with that tonight and I liked my results.  Heidi is the only one who MAY be interested in this but don’t you think it’s just a little bit fun?  I REALLY love the purple mystic forest!!!  I love fantasy and this looks very other wordly to me.

Original Picture

Normal black and white photo

In black and white using infrared techniques

50% black and white infrared

Background black and white, foreground colored

More mystical looking black and white infrared

My personal favorite! This is a color invert.

Desaturated at 50%

Okay…I really need to go to bed now 🙂

The Cooper Collection

I now have over 50 pictures of Rob and Cat’s engagement photo shoot posted on the family gallery.  (Go to my home page, my photo gallery, and choose families.  Rob and Cat’s pictures start with number 11 so be patient).

We had way too much fun with this photo shoot and I was very happy with the end results.  UNLIKE doing weddings ;), with a casual shoot I can take as long as I want to get the job done.  I am sure they would both agree that they were doing this shoot for half of forever but I would defend it was well worth it.

I ended up with about 250 that I liked for them so I am actually posting only a few :).  As you can see with the picture above, I am experimenting with infrared pictures.  I REALLY want an infrared lens but they are pretty expensive for the one I want so I am trying to do it digitally.  It doesn’t work well but at least it looks a little bit like infrared pictures.  I L O V E the infrared look with the right picture.  When it’s done right, the green leaves all look white and the sky looks dark.  Ends up looking like a dark snowy day.  My photoshop attempt was haphazard at best but still fun.  Would look better if the sky was dark but didn’t want to put that much work into it right now.

Wondering how I had all this free time to work on these picture projects?  Let me answer…HALO THREE released yesterday!!!!!  Need I say more?  LOL.  I thought Tanner was going to have a major meltdown yesterday waiting for Daddy to get home for their “release party”.  Early in the afternoon he was asking “Will Daddy be home in one more Upside Down Show?”  Imagine his face when I had to say “Sorry bud, more like 7 Upside Down Shows”.  🙂    I love these releases when I have a pile of stuff to do.  Nice uninterrupted time. Yay for me!


Paul and Amanda – married Saturday, September 22nd, 2007!

When Amanda called me while I was in Boston and asked me to take her wedding pictures I just about FLIPPED!  NO WAY!!!!!  I thought it was the worlds worst idea and argued the point.  I ultimately surrendered to it after making sure I had given all my “I am not a professional and I may very well screw up your priceless pictures” disclaimers.

I did find it to be very challenging for me and am unlikely to agree to it again….I simply don’t have the skill set for this endeavor at this point.  I hope she likes them though.  The quality is not that of a professional photographer by any means but I did my best.  Here are a few for your viewing enjoyment 🙂 .  (Amanda – I will send the disc of all the pictures and the DVD to you soon 🙂 ).


Ringbearers:  Ty, Christian, and Tanner

Rob and Princess

I haven’t had time to post the “engagement” shoot selection yet but I wanted to post at least one of my favorites!  Competition for Cat is at an all time high though.  Ty has determined that Rob needs to “MOVE OVER”.  Cat (aka Aunt Cat, and Kitty) – has stolen Ty’s heart and will be forever known as Ty’s very first crush.  He loves her!!  He can’t stay away from her and will talk, hug her, talk, hug her, talk hug her, tell her he loves her.  So adorable (though probably tiring for Cat after awhile – I am actually requiring people to boundary Ty from Cat a bit just to give her breathing room!).  This weekend he told her he was going to call her “Princess”.  LOL!!!!  Where in the world did he get that??????  I am so afraid he got the “ladies man” gene from my brothers.  Yikes!

Beautiful couple though aren’t they?

Guess Who

…..is going to be a big sister?????


Jodi is due with Karsyn’s baby brother or sister on April 21st!  This will be grandchild number NINE for Papa and Sweetie.  Let’s pray they get to Ten next year too ;).

Karsyn Funnies

*  Darin was out of town hunting in New Jersey last week.  When Karsyn and Jodi picked him up at the airport she said “Daddy I will never leave you again!”  LOL

*  Aunt Jen (Jodi’s sister) was babysitting Karsyn recently and our little Miss got a bit sassy (can’t you just picture that from her hands on her hips photo above?).  Aunt Jen said “Karsyn you can’t speak to your aunt that way”.  Karsyn seriously replied “I step on ants!”  (ROFL!!!!!  How could a two year old come up with that????)