Must Have Toys


(Picture Notes:  Last week I had a very specific image in mind and I have yet to capture it.  This is close but not quite so I will have to try again.  Did get some more sweet ones on this particular day though).

My little girl is making me nervous.  Am I seeing sign’s of hyperactivity ALREADY?  Oh my she is BUSY.  Keep in mind as you read this that Tori is only four months old and technically she is only two months old due to her prematurity. 

Tori cannot be without a toy or she doesn’t know what to do with herself.  I have had to take the Dora Explorer doll away already because she pulls her hair out and I am afraid she is going to choke.  She started rolling over from back to tummy last Saturday night (on the bed at Grandpa and Grandma’s hotel).  Tanner and I discussed yesterday that it is only a matter of time before she starts using rolling as her mode of transportation to get to what she wants.  We are already very impressed with how much she is getting to rolling only one direction!   Her dexterity and coordination is GREAT for her age.  She is continually reaching with both her arms AND her body to get to what she wants…that includes our remote control – aaaghhhhh – do you see de ja vu images of TyJo here?

Yesterday I determined I could no longer eat with her in my lap.  Though I am not consistently feeding her yet (not quite ready), she does notice that everything off my plate is going to my mouth so she was desperately fighting me for my plate last night.  After several near misses, I concluded that a plan b during meal time is necessary.

Another strange thing, and this has been going on for quite some time – she likes to sit straight up.  If she is in your lap, she doesn’t want to lean back.  If you give her just a tad bit of lower back support she can sit up on her own and she prefers it that way.  In fact, about a month ago I left her sitting on the couch in a reclined position.  She was sitting in the large corner of the chaise so she was safe and I was only a few feet away.  Jim yells to me to look at her and I turn around and she is sitting straight up on her own.  I continue to be impressed at how she pulls herself out of a recline like that.  She couldn’t have held that position long without toppling over of course (keep in mind gestational age) so I made a quick beeline for her.

She has also taken to screaming as her new form of communication.  She hits break glass pitches.  I just KNEW that girls were louder than boys and Tori is validating my opinion daily.  I have a short video clip that illustrates this quite well – I’ll have to post it soon.  She screams when she is happy and talking to you, when she wants something, and sometimes when she is angry.   I love that her sad cry sounds like she is crying “maaaa….maaaaaa…..maaaaaaa”.  So adorable.

And whatever you do, do NOT injure our little Princess.  I have yet to see a lower pain tolerance.  Good grief.  I had the odacity to wipe her nose (and she HATES that) this weekend and Auntie Christine got to witness her drama first hand.  Actually Auntie Christine can validate the truth of my words now on several topics less someone think I tend to exaggerate these things.  🙂

And one more small detail…she is trying to feed herself.  I gave Tanner her bottle to feed her in the car while I was driving.  He thought she didn’t want the bottle and laid it down near her feet in the car seat.  She managed to get her hands on it and next thing you know she had it in her mouth sucking away.  She has done this a couple of times now.  I don’t think she could sustain it real long because she doesn’t know to tip the bottle up yet but the fact that she can do it at all is impressive I think.  Last night she got her pacy out of Jim’s hands and into her mouth on her own as well.  She is currently sitting on my lap watching me type happy as could be but I figure it won’t be long before we are fighting for my mouse and keyboard.  Reminds me…of another incident.  Yesterday she was in my lap at the computer and Tanner came in to talk to me.  When we were done with our discussion I turned around and realized I had lost my wacom pen.  I looked all over the desk – nada.  Where in the heck could it disappear?  I just had it!  Finally glanced down at the child in my lap who was happily chewing on it.  🙂  Didn’t think to look there.  Bet that is going to change VERY soon.  🙂  Trouble is on the way I tell you.  I feel it in my bones.  This one is going to be in to EVERYTHING.  She is a very curious Georgette.

She still has a very mild runny nose but she got through her first cold quite well.  It has lasted awhile but never got too serious.  We only had one day where she wanted to sleep a lot and she has been a tad fussier than usual but overall – didn’t fare bad.

Oh and one more life milestone – she got in the pool for the first time at Aunt Jodi’s and she LOVES it.


I took Tanner to the Dr. last week for his tummy pains.  The Dr. ran some blood tests and also did a stool sample.  Everything came back normal.  The Dr. prescribed liquid Zantac for him to try but when I went to pick it up, it was 177.00 WITH insurance!!! Holy cow!  Because he has only had two very mild incidents since I went to the Dr., I decided to try going without the zantac for now but may have to purchase it anyhow if this continues with any severity.  I am not real big on treating him with meds when we have no idea what the problem is anyhow.  The Dr. said it could be food allergies but he can’t retest for that for 4 to 6 months until the steroids are out of his system – they will mask the allergy.  He weighed 48 pounds and I think he was almost 48 inches tall.  That stuck out in my mind because we are going to Disney again this year and that is the height requirement for some of the bigger rides I think:). 

Life Moment – Tanner took his life jacket off and practiced swimming in the hotel pool.  BIG deal.  Turns out, this kid is HIGHELY competitive and it is NOT going down well that Noah can swim and he can’t.  He is pretty determined to learn.


His new phrase lately “That is crazy talk!” – he says that when he hears something he disagrees with.  LOL.

Book Reviews

So have you read The Shack yet?  Dad bought about 15 copies and has been disbursing them best he can.  He is in the middle of writing an informal study guide and preparing to do small group studies on the book.  Within our family, the question is no longer “have you read the book?” but “how many times have you read the book”?  I am on number three because I am reading it to Jim now.  Yesterday Darin – YES I SAID DARIN – was on Chapter TEN.  Can you believe it?  Check your windows, you might see a herd of pigs flying by.

This week I have been reading a “just for fun” meaningless mindless series – that I can’t help but love.  The greatest thing about this secular series for me is that the books (at least the first) are very clean.  I wish books had a rating system so I would have better luck at the library. 

Anyhow, this series has been at the top of the NY Best Seller’s for quite some time.  The first book is called Twilight and the author is Stephanie Meyers.  It is an epic love story between a mortal teenager and a century old vampire – who is all things good and decent of course.  🙂  Very fun read – feeds my fantasy craving.  I bought Eclipse and New Moon yesterday and the final book in the series comes out in August.  Easy read and can be purchased cheaply at Walmart.    I actually have a few gripes about the character development because I am used to reading deep and meaningful books where love grows out of amazing wells of deep water and this book is sorely missing that element BUT it was an engaging page turner and enough for me to want to read more.


Okay…Amanda has emailed out pictures of Blake a couple of times now so I no longer feel I will be stealing her thunder if a post a picture.  This was taken 3 hours after his birth.  Isn’t he beautiful?  Mommy and baby are doing great.

And this for Heidi….

This is the book I printed through Heritage Makers.  They did such a great job.  BUT I have been doing my homework and have found other places where you can get similar book styles for far cheaper.  So far, it looks like the best might be  Sam’s club does a decent job but they don’t have a printed cover or at least dust jacket.  Costco does a nice soft printed cover but I haven’t looked to see if they have a printed hard one. 

I think I will end this post now.  Must clean, teach, make Michelle’s German Chocolate Cake, and prepare for a visit from Aunt Ginny and Aunt Joan.  Busy day.



Amanda Collection VIII

This is the last in the Amanda Collection!  And…drumroll…the name is BLAKE NICHOLAS!  :)!

Next up will be camping pictures and Ryker’s pictures but I am a project behind still so not sure when I will have any to post next week.  We shall see….

Pray for Tori because she officially has her very first illness – she has a cold and is not her happy self.  This is mighty unfortunate because her Aunt and Grandparents flew in from Boston to see her and I am worried that she is going to be fussy!  🙁  They will be here shortly.

Tanner, Ty and Jim sick also.  Nice.

Amanda Collection VII

He is here!  He arrived last night at 8:30 PM weighing in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20.5 inches long.  He has blonde hair and quite a goodly amount of it I thought – especially for a blonde.  He has an ADORABLE nose and is just as precious as could be.  I do have a couple of pictures that Jim took while I was holding him but I don’t want to post them and steal Amanda’s thunder before she has a chance to either (a) show off baby/and or pictures herself OR (b) gives permission to me to post a picture.  So you’ll just have to wait a bit longer on that and take my word for it.  Mama and baby are doing great.

No time to write again today.  I have to leave for a chiro appointment (Jodi – this is weird – the ONE time I let you borrow the wrap and I held Tori on my left side for 1.5 hours I pulled my neck and shoulder LOL – see why I need and love my wrap? It evenly distributes her weight) and then we have Tori’s cardiologist appointment follow up and I have to somehow do school also.  Busy day.

Amanda Collection VI

As you know if you read yesterdays comments, Baby ?????, should make his arrival today!  Be praying for Amanda.  I voted on a name yesterday – anxious to hear what they choose.  Amanda’s pregnancy book came in from Heritage Makers yesterday and it looks sooo good I think.  They did a great job.  I’ll take a picture of the book before I give it to her.

Speaking of birthdays!!!!


Hope you have a fun birthday and get some spoiling time in!


I have been laying in bed for hours it feels thinking about all I wanted to blog about but I also realize it was a stall technique because today is my cleaning day.  So I will be disciplined and not take this time to continue my posting save one quick story that some of you will find highly amusing.  Except Jim.  He was void of emotion.  He didn’t even roll his eyes.  Just a “normal day in the life of” I guess….

Yesterday I packed three kids in the Excursion at 10:30 AM.  It was 100 degrees out already.  Uuuuggghh!  As we headed for Tanner’s pediatrician (post on that later), I couldn’t help but notice the sweltering heat and the A/C wasn’t kicking in.  I turned the fan up and tried to wait it out.  Nada.  Worse than nada.  The A/C was actually blowing heated air.  What TERRIBLE timing for my A/C to go out at the start of a Phoenix summer.  By the time we were approaching our destination I was sweating and feeling so bad for the kids.  Realizing the hot air coming from the A/C was actually serving to heat us up way worse, I “rolled” down the windows (how do you say that when a button does it? LOL) and turned the out of commission A/C off.

Later I had to go to the chiropractor and Aunt Beck offered to drive me in her car because there was no way I could brave another trip in mine with the kids.

When Jim got home, he immediately went outside to tackle the A/C problem.  About twenty minutes later I go out to check on him and notice that the A/C is working just fine for Jim.  Figures. 

Jim says “Doni what setting did you have the A/C on?” 

“That one right there!”  I point.  “See the arrow pointing straight at the guys head?  It was on that setting!  I am telling you it was totally broke – all it did was blow hot air in our faces”.

“Doni – you had it on vent.”

Oops.  Well good to know my A/C is fine right?

To answer your two outstanding questions:

1.  How did I not know that I had the A/C on vent?

Simple.  What about an arrow pointing to a guy’s head says “air coming from outside the truck”?  That symbol says “A/C directed at your face out of the top vent”.  Why would I question such a clear and obvious symbol LOL?

2.  How did Jim react after 20 minutes in the heat trying to fix a non existent problem?

Wonderfully.  There was virtually no reaction at all.  Not even surprise.  🙂  After almost 14 years, I cease to surprise him on matters such as these.  In fact, he fully expects trouble.  For example, did you know that in our last house he was so concerned that I was going to plow through our laundry room wall when parking in our garage that he fail safed my garage parking spot?  He put a mirror on the wall so I could see my vehicle approach, he dropped a ball from the ceiling so I would stop when the ball hit my windshield, AND he put plastic curb stops down.  “Why?” you ask.  Because I had removed our side mirrors while parking our vehicles twice AND because my mother did in fact take out an exterior wall parking her car in the garage and Jim is smart enough to know – it’s simply in the genes.  🙂

3.  Why do I admit these things (especially considering the recent wet/dry vac incident)?  Heck if I know.


Amanda Collection V

When I was a teenager I had a cockatiel named Dizzy.  She used to make me crazy because she would try to be quiet for me in the morning but if I looked at her she would realize I was up and start jabbering.  I fell into the habit of telling her to “shut up” every morning and before I knew it I was waking to my pet telling me to “shut up” first thing in the morning.  She knew quite a few words – that was my least favorite :).

I finally gave her to an older woman in our church, ironically named “Birdie”.  Those two were perfect companions.

This morning I was reflecting on Dizzy while observing my daughter.  You know Tori is awake in the morning when she starts blowing rasberries. That is usually the point of no return.  She is up for real.  The rasberries turn into chattering pretty shortly.  She is a happy morning baby so she is a nice little alarm.  BUT if I decide I am not ready to get up, I MUST avoid eye contact with her.  She is only happy when she thinks I am asleep.  If she realizes that I too am awake and am ignoring her, out comes the pouty lips and her wailing soon follows.   There is no doubt who is in charge around here right now and it is most assuredly not me.  🙂 

I have wonderful mornings around here actually.  The two kids that wake up – Tori and Tanner – are TOTAL morning kids.  The child that is NOT the morning kid, sleeps in.  That makes us all happy.  🙂