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Allergic to Men

January 30, 2009

I love it when she makes this expression.

I am posting way too many pictures at once – I know – I hope your not having trouble loading.  I have a full schedule of Tori Birthday shots for Feb so I didn’t want to drag these out.  Haven’t actually shot any of them due to illness but I still plan to:).  Tori is sleepy today and I have ZERO energy so I am going to go rest on the couch (wrote this Thurs – won’t post till Fri 1:00 AM)

Her diaper rash is getting so bad from the augmenten.  I am using the prescribed C-Questran/5% Aquaphor which I love, but even that isn’t stopping it.  She just sobbed tonight she was hurting so bad.  I put her in the bath with me and she fell asleep.  Poor poor baby.  Ryker now has RSV and pneumonia as well.  So far he is holding his own and doesn’t need to be hospitalized but this illness gets worse before it gets better so please pray for him too.  (Doctors say RSV is worse on day 5 or 6 – not sure what day Tori actually was admitted).


So why am I allergic to men you ask?

Setting:  Me stroking Tori’s beautiful hair on the couch beside Jim.

Doni:  Babe I have been wondering lately if her hair is going to be straight or wavy – she is really getting some waves back here.  Have you?

Jim:  No.

Doni:  What do you mean “no”?

Jim:  No I haven’t been wondering.

Doni:  Okay.  Rephrase.  Do you think her hair will be straight or wavy?

Jim:  Don’t know don’t care.

SHEEESHHH Louise!  In serious need of more estrogen in this house.

The above was just anecdotal and not support for my allergy – just aggravation – but I actually do have EVIDENCE that I am INDEED allergic to men – FOR REAL!  First I have a story for you.

I was reading my friend Shauna’s blog today and she mentioned that when she was pregnant with her twins she had PUPPS.  How totally random is that because only 1 to 2% of the population get PUPPS with pregnancy and this is the first time I have ever heard of anyone else I know having had it.

When I was about 7 months pregnant with Tanner I broke out into this HIDEOUS rash on my belly.  Being a first time mom, I naively assumed that my skin was stretching terribly – was very itchy, and I was scratching it to kingdom come creating nightmarish raised hives.  Didn’t occur to me to go to the Dr. because (a) I thought I was doing it to myself and (b) I wouldn’t have let them prescribe anything anyhow due to first pregnancy anxiety.

Some nights were so bad that Jim would coat my belly with Band Aid’s anti itch gel and then run a cool hair dryer while holding my hands together (he IS a multi tasker hee hee) so that I wouldn’t scratch anymore.  It was painful on body and mind.  Having hives this bad for most of the last trimester was miserable.

When I went in to labor, the rash exploded down my back, arms, and legs.  Doctor after Doctor kept coming in to evaluate me and it took them several days to figure out the cause – Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy – PUPPS.  They prescribed a topical steroid for it and yes I felt stupid for not bringing it to someone’s attention earlier.  The funny thing was, the day I left the hospital, a volunteer was helping me and Tanner to the car.  She took one look at me and said “Oh my gosh!  You have PUPPS!  My sister had that and she wanted to scratch her skin off with a fork!”  – Well where in the heck was SHE all week?  LOL.

So now I get to my point…

When I was reading THIS article online today, I discovered a couple of facts about PUPPS.  One I already knew.  It most often occurs in women pregnant with multiple babies.  Tanner was a twin so I always figured that was the key factor (and it probably was).  I lost his twin in the first trimester but my body was apparently ignoring that fact.  (Also wonder if that is why my hyperemesis was so bad?).  Here is what I didn’t know – and I will quote from the article:

“One study has shown that male fetal DNA can be found in skin biopsies of the rash. Since 70% of women with PUPPP give birth to boys, a new hypothesis is that male fetal DNA acts as a skin irritant.”

So you see….it appears that I really AM allergic to male DNA.  LOL.  Funny.

Just out of curiousity…anyone else ever had PUPPS?

I Wanna Go HOME

January 29, 2009

I took these pictures on Monday night when baby girl was feeling much better.  I think they serve as pretty good evidence that she was ready for HOME at that point.

If I just push hard enough……….grrrrrrrrrrrr…

Someone TURN THIS OFF!  The constant dinging is driving me crazy!

Does this face belong behind bars?  (And for the record she spent very LITTLE time in that crib – trust me).

It took about six attempts to get her IV in and she had to have two of them.  Her veins are very tiny and she was so dehydrated they kept blowing.  She was drinking okay that day but her fevers were so so so high that they dehydrated much more than I realized.

I love the way Tori points with her palm up.  She does this all the time.

I am glad I didn’t have my camera prior to Monday because those pictures would be too sad to look at.  More tomorrow.  (And NO…I didn’t leave her there with that crib rail half down.  I was standing by her crib for pictures).

P.S.  I feel miserable.  Shoot.


Three Muskateers

January 28, 2009

You should have heard Tori when she saw her brothers yesterday.  Just talked and squeeled all the way home.  And Tanner?  Guess he was acting on the depressed side but when we pulled up he ran to the car and threw his arms around me with a big smile and jumped in the car to see Sissy.  All is not well with our world when we are split up.  Tori is walking down the hall yelling “Hiiiiiiii” right now. 

One thing this hospital adventure afforded us was an easy transition to her crib.  I discovered in the hospital that she was actually sleeping better in the crib than in her swing at home.  Last night we put an air mattress in her room so mommy could watch her and let her try her OWN crib.  She liked it.  That was easier than I thought.  Guess she got used to it with four nights in the hospital. 

On Monday night when she was getting happier, I snapped some happy shots of her – will have to post those later.  Jim stayed home again today because we are all feeling under the weather now.  Shocking I know.  🙂

Princess Back In The Castle

January 27, 2009

…and she is happy happy happy to see her brothers.  I’ll post more later. Thankful to be home and want to spent time with my family now.

Monday Update

January 26, 2009

***If I were you I would just skim this.  I wrote way more than anyone truly wants to read.  I am using the hospital laptop and since Tori isn’t sleeping, neither am so I am rambling on and on to give myself something to do.*****

It’s 12:40 AM Monday morning and obviously – we are not sleeping.  🙂  Tori slept all day.  Saturday night she fell asleep at 11:00 PM.  She wasn’t awake until noon on Sunday and then only stayed up an hour.  She was up another hour between 2:00 and 3:00 when they had to redo her IV and then slept again until 8:00PM and back to sleep by 10:00.  Therefore, in a 24 hour period (11:00 PM to 11:00 PM) – she slept TWENTY HOURS!  I was getting a bit worried but knew the sleep was good for her. 

I didn’t want to hold her in the rocker all night because my back was hurting so I held her until midnight and then tried to switch her to the crib.  Didn’t work.  She woke up and now I am trying to wait her out and she is working on removing all her chords.  Also some singing and “Hi’s”.  Makes me smile though because there has been almost none of that today.  I can hear the crackle and popping in her lungs (nurse taught me to hear it with stethescope) and it is on the incoming breath (what is that word?) instead of the outgoing which is “worse” but overall she is not that bad off and has not needed more oxygen today.  She is grunt breathing when awake though – typical of RSV.  Expends too much energy while awake and it’s more of a struggle to breathe.  She hasn’t wanted to take much of her bottle today atall.  I gave her a bottle at about 12:30 but she would only take 1 ounce of it and only took 3 ounces of the last bottle many hours ago.  Has had a fever all day but under 102.  (All temps rectal – mama insisted because under arm was not showing accurate for her AT ALL).  Her blood pressure was a lot higher tonight than it has been.  The last two checks were around an 88 and 70 something bottom number (forgot top but seems in the 120s).  Don’t know what that means but the nurse said it was high for her.  At first I thought it was wrong but they did it three times with her being very still and they said it was accurate so….?  Don’t know what’s up with that.

She has been very attached to her pink pony wub a nub this weekend.  Wondering if this trip to the hospital has turned her into a genuine pacy baby.  She has always needed it to fall asleep but she hasn’t been like Tanner who had it all times (remember what a nightmare that was to break?). 

The only thing that has made her happy is Sonic crushed ice.  Like mother like child.  🙂  I know these updates are longer than you really want to read but documenting all this for future reference.

Jim, Tanner, and Ty all feeling pretty lousy.  Maybe it’s better we are all seperated right now.  🙁  I think they are going to do another chest xray in the morning to compare and I know they want her on another full day of IV antibiotics so we’ll be here until Tuesday at least I think. 

Note to Aimee:  We need to reschedule Zane’s pictures. 🙁

Note to family:  No idea when we will do Ty and Tori’s party.  If you want to go ahead with Zane’s this weekend without us that is fine but even if Tori gets out of the hospital in the next couple of days, I can guarantee she still won’t be safe around people by this weekend. 

Dang – she fell back asleep and now I am going to have to get her pulse ox back on without waking her.  Plenty of practice with that though.  I am up to my usual antics.  Telling nurses what to do and what not but being very nice about it.  🙂  Letting them know when I am going to be silencing alarms and watching baby, changing her med schedule…you know me.  One weird thing.  Again (third time) today they took a rectal temp and told me it was 98.  I said (nicely) “I am sorry but that is incorrect.  Can you please bring another thermometer in – we need to take it again.”  Guess what it really was?  102.8.  Tonight the nurse came in (new nurse), felt her and said “she feels really good”.  I said “She is about 99 ish and climbing”.  Nurse smiles gets thermometer and checks.  99.4.  Then says “Guess mama knows her baby”.  🙂  You can’t really feel Tori’s temps on the outside unless she is at 102 or higher.  She can feel actually cold on her extremeties and be 101 plus.  Mom’s just know this stuff though when it’s OUR baby. 

As you may have noticed in the comments, my friend Sarah is in another local hospital as of today with her four year old.  He is asthmatic and has pnemonia also so please pray for Luke too. 

I am really worried that Tori could catch this again before its gone through the family.  Wondering if they will approve synergis shots for her now through the remainder of the season but I doubt it.  Also wondering if being a preemie contributed to her struggle with RSV.  Most babies don’t end up in the hospital with RSV and almost all children will have it by the age of two.  It is not a virus to be “feared” unless you have risk factors.  (Prematurity, infant, elderly, asthmatic, CF, resp issues…etc.) 

She woke up again.  I figured with 20 hours of sleep tonight would be difficult.  I can tell she is tired though so I bet she goes back out pretty soon but we may engage in this little dance all night.

One cute thing.  That hour she was up around 12 noon today – I was walking her around the room and her monitor kept beeping because her pulse ox wasn’t picking up good while mobile.  It was bugging both of us (later I just let nurses know I would be silencing alarms in these situations but at the time I didn’t do that).  After several minutes of this annoying chirping it went off.  In surprise, Tori looks over at the monitor and points to it and looks at me with this wide eyed expression.  It was like we both shared this moment of relief and she wanted me to know that she also was grateful it shut up.  (Karsyn can’t read so I can say that.  🙂  She communicates a lot with just her eyes and a pointing finger – just like me. 😉 

The boys said they missed me but I had to prod for that so there was – I feel –  lack of sincerity.  🙂  From the sounds of it, though they are sick, they are still having a mighty fine weekend with their Dad.  Jim is such a great Daddy.  I called him today to tell him that the boys needed at least 1 ounce of fluid every hour to keep hydrated while sick.  He says “Only one ounce?  I have been making them drink a cup of water every hour.”  🙂  Overachiever he is.

Watching Tori sit in her little”native” squat right now.  Have I mentioned that?  I have a picture of it so I’ll have to post soon.  She sits squats with her bottom touching the ground, her thighs real close to her body and flat footed.  It is virtually impossible to imitate.  I have looked quite silly attempting it and so have others that I insisted give it a try LOL.   A nurse saw her do it and wanted to know her nationality because she assessed that only certain people groups had the ability to sit that way and said it looked quite Indian.  It is super cute.  Well…afraid I am going to have to hold her in the rocker because she looks no where near falling asleep without me.  She is fussing at me right now and trying to sing to herself.  That of course means, I am tired mama but I am NOT going to sleep without you so if you want any rest you better come rescue me.  Off I go.