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Tori in hospital

December 31, 2009

9 hours later, Tori has been transferred to another hospital so she can see 3 specialists tomorrow. Tori was in decent spirits after the hospital gave her some apple juice and graham crackers. Tori was in better shape than I had expected a 23 month old to do with the gamut of things done to her today. The bottom line is the doctors at the first hospital had no idea what is wrong with Tori. They ruled out a few things and were stumped. So the decision was made to move her to another hospital with specialists. Tomorrow tori is supposed to see a Urologist, Hematologist and Oncologist and whatever gist wants to join along I’m sure. Where’s House when you need him? After 2 sets of tests to confirm the first wacky results the conclusions were very similar. Her white blood count is low and her blood platelets are low. To top it off she wasn’t urinating today so they had to put a catheter in and an iv. White blood count was 4.6 where 6 is the “safe” low. Her blood platelets were 90 where 150 -400 is normal. Hopefully we hear some good news tomorrow. Please pray for Tori and family. Best case scenario we’re home Monday, but Mommy is going to be worn out. Now it’s midnight, I’m packing necessary items for Doni and Tori and then heading back to the hospital to bring some dinner. Praise Jesus through this storm.


Brooke at Rose Bowl

December 30, 2009

My sister in love will be riding with the Cowgirls Historical Foundation at the Rose Bowl Parade this year!  She was scheduled to do this last year but lil Miss Cozy was conceived and Brooke couldn’t ride.  Keep an eye out for her if you watch the Rose Bowl Parade and also tune in to RFD TV before the parade because she is riding in the 2009 Equestfest as well and that is scheduled to air before the parade.

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Cooler Than…

December 30, 2009

I received a few special gifts this year but this one makes me grin ear to ear every time I look at them.  For Christmas, I bought myself wall mounts of these three cuties. They are hanging as 16x20s above my TV.  Shane told me that the boys looked (and I quote) “Cooler than the coolest person I ever saw”.  🙂 🙂  I agreed.  Hee hee.

Tori’s outfit was one I waited a full year for her to wear.  Last Christmas I fell in love with it but it was $160.00 so I had to wait for the after Christmas sales (and I ended up with 75% off!).    My beautiful babies…ooohhh how I adore them.

This one almost makes me weepy to look at.

If you are scheduling a shoot this next year and have boys, I would recommend you visit the tie collection at The Belle and the Beau.  Aren’t they great?

And here is my funny for you…

Scene:  Jim in laundry room last night.  Ty in the bathroom.  Me reading book in front room.

Ty:  Daddy what are you doing?

Jim:  I am doing laundry.

Ty:  (Sigh….)  Laundry is not good for men.


I didn’t.  Not a word.  I am on vacation.

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2009

Off to roll krautnettle balls with Jodi and Sweetie this morning.  Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas Eve with your family.

Blog Break

December 15, 2009

Had to post this because Tanner has a lip biting habit that I keep trying to break so this is a very common expression.

I can’t even express to you how badly I wanted a red head.  Oooooohhhhh God loves me.  🙂

Tanner and Noah had their soccer tournament today (12/2).  They won first place and were both proudly displaying their medals.  Noah told Brooke that he was feeling sick before the game (nerves) but they both played a great game.  Tanner scored two of the four point total (it was 4-0).  They swept all season actually.  Won every game but one when they tied 0-0 (so I guess technically that isn’t sweeping).  They have a very short season (7 weeks) which is PERFECT for me.  🙂  Soccer is, by far, Tanner’s favorite sport.  Noah prefers baseball.  Ty loves soccer days.  He calls them his “peace and quiet” time.  🙂

This may be the last blog post I will put up until January.  I need to take a two week break I think.  I didn’t take any work in December, we have five family Christmas gatherings scheduled, Jim is taking a two week break starting tomorrow, and I still have quite a bit to catch up on.  Somethings gotta give.  🙂

I am busy working on a new business website that will hopefully be up in January.  I will post my Christmas pictures of the kids on a featured gallery on the new website and I’ll sneak peek a couple between now and then if I get a chance.  Til’ next year (which is only two weeks away)…see you and have a Merry CHRISTmas.  🙂