Last of the Fairy

This picture was one of my favorites.?? She was getting herself filthy playing in that dirt but that is my Tori.?? She likes to experience things.?? 🙂

Making snow fairies 🙂

Have you noticed how often her knees are turned??? The Dr. said to give it until she is 3 before doing anything about it.

Yet another example.

If all goes according to plan (mighty big IF these days), I hope to get more processing done in the next couple of days.?? I need to finish Zandi and Zane’s pictures, had a newborn shoot this weekend, and had SUPER fun doing Darin and Jodi’s pictures this weekend.

And to my SIL Christine – don’t know what your brother is planning for this years pumpkin but I bought the pumpkin tonight as a hint.?? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Last of the Fairy”

  1. her knees turned in does make for some super cute fairy pictures though, don’t you think? something so young and innocent and quirky about it that i love.

    jim’s pumpkin… i was just thinking that i need to do something creative with our pumpkin this year! it’s been a while. i can’t compete with jim – but it would be fun to at least attempt the unusual! by the way – how long does he spend on his sculpture? 🙂

  2. Adorable as always.
    You totally need to make the dirt in the first picture some sparkly, sparkly fairy dust!

  3. I love how your pictures are very rarely posed. Even when you do group shots, it comes out true to life with people looking at each other instead of the camera. You capture the heart of the person/family. If I lived closer, I’d be begging you to do the kids’ senior pics in the spring or fall next year. Can’t wait to see what else you have for the blog, I check every day for pics and funny stories. Love your family! God bless you!

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