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  • 2017 Christmas Letter

    2017 Christmas Letter

    From our home to yours

  • December 2017 – Santa’s Comin’

    December 2017 – Santa’s Comin’

    I promised myself that when I had a Christmas break I would get more art done.?? I really had fun with this piece because Tori and I spent time working on it together.?? Sometimes, it is a bit like playing with a dollhouse adding items piece by piece.?? Tori has a really good eye and […]

  • November 2017

    November 2017

    What did I do in November? Since I am having to backtrack on all this and because my Fall got so busy that my daily notes got very sketchy???I may not be able to recreate it very well. HIGHLIGHTS Bible Study * Archery * Gymnastics * Day trip to Prescott * End of Year soccer […]

  • Halloween 2017

    Halloween 2017

    This year we had an M&M, Tigger, Pooh, and a dark Storm Trooper.?? We hung out in our neighborhood with grandparents and had a great night!?? Mom and Dad brought their ranger over and they drove through the neighborhood with that (Dad even strung festive lights on it!).?? It was quite the hit. Remy and […]

  • October 2017

    October 2017

    HIGHLIGHTS   Bible Study?? *?? Archery?? *?? Gymanstics?? *?? Soccer?? *?? Lucy and Edie time?? *?? Mom’s Birthday Party at Valle Luna?? *?? Art?? *?? FAIR?? *?? ?? Fuel Pull Cycle?? *?? Day trip to Orme/Dugas?? *Halloween * Cut 8 or 9 inches off Tori’s hair   TANNER Let’s see???Tanner is 12 weeks into his […]