November 2017

What did I do in November? Since I am having to backtrack on all this and because my Fall got so busy that my daily notes got very sketchy???I may not be able to recreate it very well.

Bible Study * Archery * Gymnastics * Day trip to Prescott * End of Year soccer tournament for Tanner (they were in 2nd place) * Brooke’s surprise 40th * Spent Thanksgiving up in Camp Verde with Brooke and Dan and stayed the night * Celebrated Dad’s birthday by going to see Christmas Lights and dinner at Haus Murphy


Tanner won second place in the Wickenburg archery tournament for Bullseye.?? Above is Troy and I in our matching leather jackets while at the tournament.?? Troy loves to wear leather because he says he loves to look like Daddy (who wears a leather jacket often).


He lost his FIRST tooth! Of course the two adult teeth had already grown in behind so it doesn’t look like he lost his tooth. It is his bottom left. The right bottom??came out a day later.

I laughed at a conversation he had with Jamie on Thanksgiving. She was telling him he was so cute and she didn’t want him to grow anymore. He told her he would because he was six already. She pressed the point. He said soon he would be SEVEN. She said he could just stay little and choose not to grow anymore. Getting exasperated he finally says, “Jamie! I have God in my heart and he makes me grow!” Jamie responds simply with, “Mic. Dropped.”

I cracked up. Not much left to say when they pull the God card.

Troy has been sowing his wild oats today. First he SNUCK out of the house to follow his siblings down to the community park (in his pajamas no less). His sister caught him and escorted him back home (and subsequently straight to his room!) He explained he was bored. Hmmmm…I have quite a few tricks to cure boredom.?? THEN in the car tonight I told him that he had best not wake up early in the morning and get on the computer when no one was awake (like he did this morning). The following conversation occurred:
Troy: Well I have your stuff in my head and I have my stuff.
Me: What do you mean by that?
Troy: I have what you want me to do and what I want to do in my head.
Me: Well when your stuff starts talking you had better tell it to sit down and be quiet or there are going to be a lot of consequences!
Troy: Your stuff is taking over! Yep!!!
Little rascal. He makes me laugh every day. Between you and I, I think he fakes acquiescence though. I would love it if “MY” agenda is taking over but somehow I doubt it.

We had a great time in Camp Verde for Thanksgiving this year.?? We decided to stay overnight and have two days of celebration.?? Good decision on our part.

Below from Remy’s birthday.

Gummy’s made by Tori with Jello

Below from Dad’s birthday at Haus Murphy.


And from our day trip to Prescott area.?? We went to Lynx lake and Watson.

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