The Dream List

Note:? If you missed yesterday evenings post that Troy has arrived, you better back up first before you read this.

As promised, here is the list of small details that made Troy’s adoption simply dreamy.? (This in no particular or organized order – I don’t have the mental energy for that right now but want to get this down).

  • We only had to wait 2.5 months for Troy
  • It was a private adoption which saved money (big time)
  • The coordinating Dr. was also the Chief of Staff at the hospital.? Sometimes it really is about “who you know” hee hee.
  • The lawyer that the Dr. suggested was the same lawyer that I had told years ago that I would use should a private situation ever come up.? Dr. F. and I both agreed when we realized this mutual relationship, that the “stars were aligning”.
  • Healthy baby despite prematurity (that in and of itself was such a blessing)
  • Precious, generous, loving, birthparents
  • Both birthparents consented together!? How unusual is that?? Typically agencies are having to look for birth fathers and that slows the process down.
  • 7 bonus weeks for the newborn photographer hee hee.? Preemies do have their benefits.
  • An amazing hospital experience with incredible bonding time with Troy and his birth family.
  • The opportunity to have a hospital experience all to myself.? While I didn’t give birth, I still got to show off my baby through a nursery window, have a room to myself, have visitors come bring me food and oooohhh and awwww over baby, AND feel awesome because it was not MY body that birthed him.? How great is that folks?? Total cherry on top of this deal.
  • Speaking of that hospital room, my mom and dad both giggled to find Jim and I snuggled on the hospital bed all alone one afternoon.?? After only 2 dates in one year, it is pretty pathetic when a hospital stay feels romantic.?? I love that man and it has been fun having some quiet hours to celebrate baby together.? I know other couples enjoy this opportunity but this? is typically not afforded to adoptive couples.? What a joy that God gave us even that time alone to bond with our baby.
  • Okay this isn’t a dreamy detail but it’s comical so I must include.? I had to rapidly pack for my hospital stay on Saturday night.? I wanted to be away from baby for as short a time as possible.? After a day or two, my head came out of the clouds enough to realize I had been wandering hospital halls during night trips to and from the NICU wearing the SAME robe and SAME slippers that I had bought prior to Tanner’s birth.? That was ten years ago.?? If only my brother could see my slippers.? Jim said he would throw up in his mouth LOL.?? Yeah – they are bad….but kind of priceless.? I really would love a new robe and slippers but I am being pretty particular.? Robe must be long sleeved and to the ankle and the softest fabric ever and in a girl color.? Slippers must be slip in kind and have Dr. Scholls kind of gel pad feeling to them.? I want a nicer version of what I have or I simply can’t get rid of them.??? Sweetie has been out trying to meet this need but finding my requirements in August in Phoenix is just pretty unlikely.? Should you see me in my night attire, please choose to love the girl and not the clothes.? Oh.?? And please do not throw up in your mouth.? ;)? (That was quite dramatic of Jim I thought – please.)
  • The grand majority of our family got to see Troy on his first day of life.
  • The grand majority of our family got to meet Troy’s birthfather – that was very cool too.
  • The grandmother’s were not sick this time.
  • I got pictures of Troy with his birth family.? That will be precious to him someday and to them.
  • I held my son when he was 12 hours old.
  • Brooke and Daniel were NOT in North Carolina when my baby was born.
  • Several days of bonding time with Troy all to myself.? That alone is pretty remarkable considering lol.
  • Giving baby the name Troy Everett
  • Having the opportunity to choose his name and have the birth family support that choice in such a loving way
  • Troy was born during the summer (healthier) months just like I had hoped
  • God prepared my heart for Troy last week and I got to be amazed when I realized Troy was really coming and my heart had really known
  • Jim is taking 2 weeks off work
  • Flora and Fauna will be staying with me for 2 whole days to help (aka Sweetie and Aunt Karen who is being held hostage in Phoenix because Sweetie is not allowed to leave yet to drive her back home.? I love my Flora and am super excited that she gets to be with me too.? My Merriweather is not merry right now so that is a bummer (Aunt Beck is not feeling great).
  • Maricopa County Attorney will not charge us one red cent for their side of the adoption (petition to adopt).? Because both parents signed and it was uncontested, there will be no attorney fees for the petition to adopt.? (There are other fees in a private adoption but no where near what we would pay through an agency).
  • And best of all…absolute confirmation from God to my heart and to Jim’s heart that TROY EVERETT BRINKMAN was chosen for our family – handpicked by God.? How incredibly awesome is that?
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7 thoughts on “The Dream List”

  1. Tears and more tears! Thank you so much for sharing! Congrats to you and the entire Brinkman family. What an awesome and inspiring birth story! We serve a Mighty, Awesome and Loving God!

  2. Tears of joy for you rolling down my face after reading this! So amazing and perfect! Congratulations to all of you!

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