Quick Morning Update

First, thank you so much for all your sweet comments on the blog, email, and facebook about the baby.?? I do agree that he is B E A U T I F U L (and I am a newborn photographer so I would know hee).? Every mama loves to hear the ooohhhing and awwwwing over baby so thank you for the gift of that.? (Grandmother’s love it too because Sweetie already asked me who has said what lol).

Second, I am about to go offline for a couple days again.?? I don’t know if Troy will come home tomorrow or Saturday (or possibly later if preemie things crop up).? So far though so good.

Spoke with Jim this morning and he said that Troy was doing great and that they were having a good time together.? Papa and Darin were at the hospital with Jim last night too so it must have been a male bonding kind of experience.? 🙂

I will be returning to the hospital (Brooke is watching kids today – brave of her) so that Jim and I can have some time? with Troy.??? I don’t expect to be home again until Troy is home.

Also, if you are a client, I think I communicated with all my summer clients via email yesterday but due to my mommy-of-a-newborn status, I might have missed someone.? Please email me if you didn’t hear from me and I will get back with you as soon as I can.? I won’t be taking any more summer clients (bet you could have guessed that).? I will limit my fall schedule but anyone that requires a summer reschedule will get priority fall dates.? I also have a Fall wait list and will be calling those clients sometime in August with remaining fall dates.?? Because baby won’t be full term until the middle of August, it will take me awhile to feel back on my feet.? As you know, I am first a mommy and I am about to have my hands full at home for a bit.

I’ll update again once we are home.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Morning Update”

  1. I love LOVE that the males had some bonding time – so sweet and so important. Troy is one lucky litte guy. There are a lot of good male role models in your family. Of course the best and most important one is right at home in Daddy.

    So over joyed for you and your family!! You have THREE boys! 🙂 and of course your sweet sugar on top – Tori!

    Love you!

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