But We’re Girls

In an attempt to make my only daughter feel cherished in her role of “only girl”, I may have gone to far.???? When we do makeup together, I say it is “girl time”.?? When we take a bath it’s “girl time”.?? When we go shopping “just for girls”.

Today when she sat with her cereal on the couch and I said “No way Jose!”?? She said “but we are girls”!???? After a few more Tori retorts of “but we are girls” it occurred to me that her interpretation of girl time is anything mommy can do, is okay for Tori to do as well BECAUSE we are girls.???? I need to get more specific apparently.

So sometimes my plans come together and sometimes they don’t.?? I tried to get shots of Troy in the lion hat yesterday and he wasn’t going to for it.?? Tori wanted a few shots holding her brother so I changed my plan.?? Maybe it was for the better.

Is it a little bit funny to you that my lion is eating an elephant?

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2 thoughts on “But We’re Girls”

  1. Love these pictures. Tori is looking so grown up and her hair is absolutely adoarble in these pics. Too funny about the lion and the elephant. Do you have a lamb one?

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