Troy – Aug 17th – 1 Month

Did you know that Jim plays the guitar??? Well I should say “played”.?? He hasn’t picked it up in years and currently it is underneath our bed.?? I was inspired by a shot on Pinterest and wanted to put my spin on it.?? The picture I saw of the guitar in grass but I thought (in this instance) I would prefer the wood of the guitar on wood (or was that just an excuse to shoot more on my new wood?).?? I LOVE wood backdrop for babies.

Also inspired by the fact that my mother requested pictures of the top of Troy’s head for memories sake.

Tori Quote:

(Her explanation for why she was sitting Troy’s bouncer)

Tori:?? I was trying to be small in there but it didn’t work.

Tanner: That is not true – your not supposed to be in there



Tori’s first short story:

You can get by to the fish so you cannot go under water because you can die. Write that down.

Sigh…ya that’s gonna need some work.


Hello.?? My name is Doni.?? I am a PINTEREST addict.

(While I didn’t really “get” it a few months ago, I am a little obsessed now.?? Darn it.?? As if I have time.???? Visual inspiration while feeding and snuggling baby is acceptable multi tasking though right now.?? :)???? Also have read some great books during night feeds.?????? For fantasy lovers, try To Darkness Fled trilogy by Jill Williamson or the Firebird Trilogy by Kathy Tyers.???? Good stuff.



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One thought on “Troy – Aug 17th – 1 Month”

  1. I am LOVING Pinterest also, although not as much as you by the looks of it! LOL! <3 I like to think of all the time I am saving by actually having one place to put things that I spent so much time searching for! I know right where it is and my "favorites" is much more organized now.

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