Funny or Fortunate?

To quote my friend Missy in a recent comment, “Is the math thing suppossed to be funny?”

What “math thing” you ask.

I have changed this blog so that when you add a comment,??before you submit you will have to??answer a simple math question.????For example 2+3×1 = answer = 5 :).?? It??shouldn’t be more than simple math.?? (If it is please tell me).

No I didn’t do this to be funny.?? I have been having a TERRIBLE time with spammers.?? I had 120 the other morning and I finally got??FED up with it.?? I think because my home page has over 120,000 hits I get pegged badly by the spam advertising groups.

I finally decide to up the anty on this and had two choices. Word verification or simple math.?? I chose math because personally those word verification things tend to confuse me and half the time I can’t tell what letters I am looking at.?? Math just seemed easier.

I REALLY hope this doesn’t disuade you from posting your comments because I consider the comment section a real benefit to my blog.?? I LOVE to hear from you.??


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39 thoughts on “Funny or Fortunate?”

  1. Okay I thought the math was easy…theres that California education for ya! I got three wrong before I could actually post

  2. I just tested this math thing out and I failed… My original comment said to not be insulted if you don’t hear from me – its not because I don’t have something to say, but more likely because I couldn’t do the math problem. So you guessed it, I failed the math problem…

    The previous one was 7+10×7=? I did it on a calculator and I failed… Who can multiply 17×7 in their head? In case you get that problem, the answer is NOT 119:) I just did it again – still come up with 119. Whats the answer?

  3. Doni,

    I first wrote how funny this was and that all of us are just wanting to post a comment to see if we could pass the math. My question was easy, I gave what I thought was the right answer and it said I failed the challenge!!!! Did you rig up a joke to test us with always failing the first time?????

  4. Doni i have wrote to you 3 times now and I keep failing the very difficult and easy math problems that I did w/ a calculator PLEASE change this to word verification….cause apparently I cant do math very well.

    My complaint comes from the fact that you lose everything you wrote, well you know I write a novel each time sooooo…….I’ll write back once this is changed he he!!!

    Laets see if I can do it this time>>>LOL!!!

  5. Nice knowing ya. ROFL! I’m cracking up at everyone’s comments. My “problem” is: 8 x 9 + 0 = 72. I did it in my head. Let’s see if this goes thru. 😉

  6. I was wondering about that too! Math has never been my stong suit. But I am TERRIBLE at the word verifcation. I can get the math problem faster than the word verification. I actually had to do the audio on my email the other day because I couldn’t get the letters right. The audio says aloud what they are. So my vote is the math problem. It keeps my mind working!

  7. Got it!! WooHoo ! It helps that my husband is a CPA and my walking calculator. So much for exercising my mind.

  8. Ok, this is getting serious. I have failed the first two–and I’m NOT stupid. That’s what I get for being curious.

  9. Good glory you all should have been home schooled ;). How is it that you are all managing to get through eventually if the program isn’t working? If this gets posted, I got it on the first time.

  10. Okay so totally not fair because it didn’t make me do it as I am the blog owner LOL! I promise to investigate this on the morrow my dear lasses. Have no fear…I will rescue you from this miserable state one way or another 🙂

  11. Okay ladies – what am I supposed to say to this? I have had 5 successful attempts in a row. I have not received a failed once. I showed you the math, I gave you and the computer the answer – it was correct. The computer accepted it and posted my comment. No problem. If this comment posts, it will be my 6th successful math problem in a row. Question is 5×9+6 answer is 51.

    So…is the issue that you truly aren’t getting the math correct, or the system is just picking on you and not me? 🙂

    I think I have just successfully validated why I am “accredited” to homeschool my small children LOL! I got all these math questions correct AND did them all in my head:)

    So seriously…am I deleting this blog feature because my computer likes me and hates ya’ll OR because you can’t do math? 😉

    The answer is probably irrelavant because you all can punish me by boycott if I don’t remove it. I get that! 😉

  12. ok… let’s see… 7+10×4 = 68

    ooops… forgot to type the answer above… lucky i “copied” my message before hitting “submit comment” so i could include it above. now i better copy this whole thing again, just in case i lose it too!

    10×10+7 =107

    forgot to put it in above again. all this typing and copying is too much for me. 🙂

    see why this math thing won’t work for me? i’m bound to write something really profound someday (i know, we’re still waiting for that to happen! ha ha!) and then i’ll forget to type in the answer and lose the whole thing… arg… but i feel for you on the spam subject… i DO… i think even if we have to type in letters we’re still going to risk losing something we’ll hate to re-type… therefore neither is a win option and all of us who want to comment here best copy our answers first in case we need to paste them in a second time… i do like letters better as i don’t have to use a calculator for them at least. 🙂

  13. ROFL……….

    This is WAY too funny 🙂 and for the record I got my last one on the first try and the if this one goes it’ll be the first try. I will even copy it to be sure.
    Being that Doni’s blog doesn’t pick on me I’d say (besides Heidi and Aunt Beck) I may be a favorite! 😉 LOL
    IF not a favorite as least I’m feeling qualified to teach preschoolers… good thing too, don’t tell my boss if I get this wrong!

  14. I just want to announce that your math problems were MUCH simpler than any of ours. I’m math-stupid – but not THAT stupid LOL!

    9+2×8 = 88 or 25? I’m going to guess 25 this time we’ll see what happens… I think I remember the algebra trick, but then again I’m math-stupid so we’ll see…

  15. ok – which algebra trick. i though you start at the beginning (ie – wouldhave been 88) UNLESS something was inparenthesis like this: 9 + (2×8) at which point you’d do the 2×8 first.

    why can’t they just have 1+2? wouldn’t that still accomplish the same thing?

    i assume you have it set to approve every comment first but then have all that deleting of spam to do, is that right?

    surely there’s an easier way…. hmmm….

    by the way, my question is 2×2+2= 6?

  16. Okay this is pure craziness. I am getting confused now too Heidi. I deactivated the dumb math program:). I have another spam buster installed. If it works I won’t use any word verifications. If it doesn’t I’ll try out the type a word one.

  17. Ok I write you now..LOL!!

    I was writing to let you know we are expecting again!!!!! Now w/ a lot of praying and holding my breath, I am hoping everything goes a little better this time around. I am Due in June but will have a cection in May, if i can make it that far. So sad I always announce my news here instead of over the phone atleast, but I’m sure this message wont turn into a two hour phone call, so I opted to do this. I will call soon or you can call me when you have a free moment (as if)!!!

    Oh and thanks for deleting that dumb math thing, it was trully picking on me, I had the answers right and it didn’t work for me….and I was too stupid to think to copy/paste at the moment, I just got mad!!!

  18. Who would have thought Doni would have 27 comments on this one???!!!! We must all be up for a challenge!!!! You girls are too cute 🙂

  19. too much time on our hands? oh wait… we all have SO much to do that we are overwhelmed and avoiding it TO TALK ABOUT MATH INSTEAD! sheeesh… dishes waiting from 2 days ago in my kitchen… argg…


  20. Oh I was having fun with the math. I am glad I wasn’t the only one who needs to go back to school. Good think I have a first grader. Bring on the math, we will learn together…hehehe


  21. Order of operations….

    Mult., Division
    Addition, Subtraction

    You have to do the math problem in a specific order. Not neccesarily left to right.

    If the problen is 8×2+2 the anwer is 18.
    If the problem is 8+2×2 the answer is 12, not 20.

    You must do the multiplication or division part of the problem and then the addition/subtraction.

    Order of Operations!

    Doni, I am horrible at word verification, please bring back the math!! HA!! J/K, either will do!:-)

  22. SO glad I missed out on this. I’d hate for you to see the REAL me….in my defense, I’m English brained….though you wouldn’t know it by my posts! Much love!

  23. Kristi is my new hero!

    Let’s just say that math is not my strong point. My 12 year old is doing the kind of problems in math that Kristi gave the explanation for. I thought I was showing her the right way to do them, but as usual things work better in my head. Now I can see the err of my ways… Order of Operations! Sheesh!

  24. Math – not my thing either. Last night I needed 3/8 multiplied by 2.5 and it took two men nearly twenty minutes to figure it out for me and tell me how much fabric to buy :~) I decided I didn’t care how they got there, just tell me how much fabric please and thank you. Of course, mentioning I needed yards in the first place might have helped the FIRST man I asked, but his wife is a quilter too so he was quick to convert it for me! Then my brother stepped in and figured out the 5/8 I also needed converted. I was ready to just buy three yards of everything to be safe :~) Next time I’ll just post here and have Kristi help me out! Converting to improper fractions was not my thing in Junior High and the time lapsed did not help my cause any!

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