Landen – Friday Nov 17th

I have had several questions about Landen this week and just wanted to take a minute to update.

Here is what we know right now.

1.?? Insurance has approved the surgery but the surgery will not be scheduled until Ferris and Susie can put $3500 down.????

2.????All paperwork is completed for the surgery but it still could take up to 30 days to schedule the neuro surgeon and we still don’t know what state the surgery will take place in.

3. Landen’s neuro keeps increasing his anti-seizure medication to keep the seizures at bay (which for the record is not working).?? At this point, our poor little darling is sleeping darn near 20 out of 24 hours because of this.??

4.?? Because nothing is working, there is conversation going on about hospitilizing Landen until the surgery which may mean a month or more in the hospital.?? This decision will be made based on Landen’s bloodwork.?? The concern is that the medication may be at a??level that could do organ damage.?? Other concerns are:??(a) because he is sleeping so much he is loosing weight and may need to be tube fed for awhile and (b) his seizures are too difficult to control outside of the hospital.???? Obviously, the hard thing about this is that Susie has five other children.?? How in the world do you balance a 2 year old in the hospital with 5 others at home (and let’s not forget that Jacob needed nursing assistance just a couple months ago due to his CF).??

5.?? Yesterday Landen had 3 more seizures even after the med change.


So as of 12:00 PM today, Landen is doing okay at home.?? Susie is going to leave for my house shortly and ATTEMPT to attend Women of Faith with me tonight and tomorrow.?? Ferris will be on kid duty.?? Outside of miraculous intervention, we both figure there is zero chance that she will be able to stay at the conference without an emergency call.?? She is tired and at the end of her rope though and she NEEDS this break and some time to “hear” God comfort and speak to her without the distraction of constant critical emergencies.?? Please please pray her through this weekend.?? Please continue to pray that if it be the Lord’s will, that Susie will NOT have any emergencies with kids this weekend and that Daddy will be able to fill in the gap.


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7 thoughts on “Landen – Friday Nov 17th”

  1. Susie, you and your family are in my thoughts right now…..I pray that you will be able to not only have a wonderful weekend, but that your family will be able to hold on tight at home w/out you. Please keep us all updated on Landons progress, my heart goes out to you right now.

  2. Lord, today will be such an amazing day for Doni and Susie. Please give them peace to enjoy your day. Please be with Susie’s family and protect Landon from his seizures. Surround them with your love and glory and fill their hearts with Joy. In your most holy name, Amen.

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