Happy Birthday Babe

Dear Jim,

Happy 36th Birthday!!!!  I thought I would make you a fun card instead of purchasing one.  I will have this printed for you when you get home.  See why I needed my card reader working today?  🙂  Babe – thanks for being an AWESOME husband and AWESOME daddy.  I am so in love with you and your children adore you.  Looking forward to another fantastic year with you by my side.  We love you more than words can say.  Doni, Tanner, Ty, and Tori


About this picture:

I really enjoy composite photos.  Composites are photos where elements, not photographed together, are artistically blended in one piece of “art”.  My inspiration for this was a picture Heidi and I saw on the web some time back. It was a horse and carriage with dirt underneath and clouds behind (just like above).  I have wanted to try a similar pop out and this morning while laying in bed this idea came to me.  I want to play with more composites using stock photos.  The grass was a picture of a golf course that I took one day but the clouds are from a stock photo I acquired some time back.  The HB sign was purchased for Ty’s last birthday.  The pictures of the Brinkman clan were all taken this afternoon.  Too fun huh?

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Babe”

  1. photoshop 🙂

    WELL DONE SISTER! WELL DONE!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Very good translation to that idea. i like that there is stock photography mixed in with your own. makes it classy and personal.

    funny sidenote – notice tori has taken centerstage and is on a larger scale than the rest of the family… makes perfect sense for the princess of the family. 🙂

  2. Thats so cool. I love it. You are so awesome Doni, we all could learn something from you. Hope Jim had a great birthday, please wish him well for me.

  3. Happy Birthday Jim – can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow night!! I L O V E this pic, absolutely adorable. I’m sure Jim loved it, what a treasure.

    Aunt Beck

  4. Your birthday card for Jim was overshadowed with your technical wows from your friends. You really should try again im thinking quad or polaris ranger.
    David not Aimee

  5. LOVE the card,now that is original 🙂 🙂 ROFL ‘overshadowed with your technical wows from your friends’..oh my..lol.

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