Edie {Phoenix Newborn Photographer}


Shane, Jamie and Lucy welcome….EDIE!  She arrived on Ty’s Birthday – Jan 17th!  First time in our family that two cousins have shared a birthday.        She was born at 4:50 AM and weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces (and by some miracle was ONLY) 19 inches long.  How two parents six foot plus managed a 19 inch baby girl…I’ll never know.  I did not see that coming, especially since Lucy was 22.5 inches.  Maybe Edie is getting the Everett genes ;)?

She was a little Miss Feisty Pants for her Aunt CeeCee too!   (Lucy calls me that and I assume it will stick with baby sister).   Jenna and I double teamed her and we bested the little darling but it took some sweatin’ it out.   My prediction is that Edie is “not gonna take nothin’ from nobody”.  She knows her own mind.  She loves cuddling.  She does NOT want to be put down.  She also is quite particular with her hands.    So cute.

2015-01-24_0021 2015-01-24_0025 2015-01-24_0024 2015-01-24_0023 2015-01-24_0022

I was very glad David finished my floors before Edie was born.

2015-01-24_0019 2015-01-24_0018
So…turns out Jenna is allergic to these plum leaves.  Did I say that in my last post?  I think I am repeating myself.  Leaves now gone but they were pretty for the last two bambinos.
2015-01-24_0017 2015-01-24_0016 2015-01-24_0015

Aunt Becky loves lambs so I had to do a lamb shot for Grammy.


Lucy loves her!  Yay!  You always have your fingers crossed with a two year old.  It can go either way lol.


Got a bit of an overshare going on here but that’s what happens when babies are MINE.  🙂


2015-01-24_0011 2015-01-24_0010 2015-01-24_0009 2015-01-24_0008
I shanghaied this bunny from Sweetie’s cabinet.  I love her.
We had a shot of Lucy as a newborn with her puppy so Edie needed a shot with her giraffe.
2015-01-24_0006 2015-01-24_0005 2015-01-24_0004 2015-01-24_0003 2015-01-24_0002
That right there is Jamie’s nose – without a doubt.


2015-01-24_0026 2015-01-24_0027

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of my Jamie with her baby.  LOVE.

2015-01-24_0032 2015-01-24_0030
And they so often smile when mom or dad are holding them.  Precious.
2015-01-24_0034 2015-01-24_0033


2015-01-24_0036 2015-01-24_0037

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot with Daddy.   You rocked it Shane and I love you for that.  You know what I am talking about.  🙂

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One thought on “Edie {Phoenix Newborn Photographer}”

  1. If it wasn’t 2:00 in the morning I would be calling you on the phone and squealing as I jump up and down with delight! (Ok, a bit dramatic, but I needed to make a point!!!) I love, love, love this photo shoot and can’t even pick a favorite. (Although the bunny with the heart would be right up there!) I’ve got to stop writing this so that I can look at them again! 😉

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