March 2017



I turned 44?? *?? Archery?? *?? Ranger Trip on Castle Hot Springs Road?? *?? Art?? *?? Worship walks with Uncle Dave?? *?? ?? Archery State Tournament?? ??*?? Time with Brooke in Camp Verde post surgery




Got up and went to Camp Verde after breakfast.?? Stayed there through Wed after dinner.?? We had a great time spending time with Brooke/Dan and the kids.?? Tanner fished and hunted and shot his bow and Ty played mostly with the girls and a little bit of computer games.?? Troy just enjoyed the heck out of himself outside mainly and Tori was with the girls of course.?? I was there to pickup, make meals, laundry and be available for Brooke and I enjoyed the blessing of that.?? Monday was my 44th birthday (but I was obviously choosing not to celebrate it that day).?? Daniel brought me home flowers which was super sweet.?? 🙂



(after having been caught at 4:30 AM in his bed with his kindle???his discussion in the hallway with me at about 8:30 AM)

“I am sorry mom.”

Me: For what?

Troy:?? For taking my kindle to bed.?? I am sorry for that.?? But I love my kindle and that is just what I do.

Me:?? (Hiding snickers at his blatant “you will have to deal with my decision” approach).?? Well then.?? Let me tell you, I??discipline little boys who don’t obey their moms and sneak kindles into their bed at night.?? That is just what I do.

Troy:?? Okay.?? I won’t!


Me:?? Please go clean your room.?? Remy is coming over.

Troy:?? Remy will love it if my room is messy!?? He loves to messy up my room!

Well then.


These look JUST LIKE MCGUFFINS!?? (Troy loves McMuffins from McDonalds?? – so when I bought Jimmy Dean ones from Walmart he was super happy.


When kids were leaving, he started sobbing.

Me:?? What are you crying about?
Troy:?? I have no one to make me laugh so hard!?? I want someone to make me laugh!

Troy:?? Nifty ifty lifty lucy.?? (Repeat this 10 times)

ME:?? What in the heck are you talking about?

Tanner:?? Righty tightly lefty lucy.?? OH!???? LOL.

We went to Zandi’s softball game and passed a playground on the way.?? Troy was mighty upset that we didn’t stop because he “loves” playgrounds.?? He perseverated on the playground topic to the point of driving me out of my ever lovin mind.?? When he brought it up again on my lap at the game for the upteenth time I said, “You have better not say a word about that playground.”?? He says, “Mommy I am not.?? I was just going to say???(picture this???peeking over his glasses at me with those big baby browns and forming a heart with his hands???slowly he then breaks the hand heart apart and says)???you broke my heart.”





At the Archery state tournament.?? Ty got the Life Award for Courage and mama cried.?? So precious.


Drawings by Tori.

And this just because it made me laugh and I wanted to keep it.

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Homeschooling mama to 4 amazing kids and part time professional photographer.

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Author: Doni

Homeschooling mama to 4 amazing kids and part time professional photographer.

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