Hit the Road Jack

Love Daddy’s tie on him.  Wish I would have gotten more of this truck but Tanner was at the end of his rope and it was tooooo hot.  He cowboyed up though and gave me a typical sweet Tanner grin for this one.

Have I mentioned that Ray Charles “Hit the Road Jack” is Ty’s favorite song lately?  Grandma introduced him to that.  He loves the “What you say?” part.

Tonight I walked over to the park with the kids.  It was a bit warm but they really wanted to get out.  The boys wanted to take their shirts off because of the heat and Ty was AMAZED that I let him walk around with “just tummies”!

Met an older woman while I was there and had an interesting conversation.  I love it when God sends people my way if even a minute.  I love to meet new people and jabber with them.  Often times people are in dire need of an ear for just a moment.  Someone – even a stranger – to listen – to validate – to love.  This was the case.  Within about 45 seconds she dove into the deepest of life issues and hurts.   We had a good conversation and I was thankful that we had those few moments.

While we were talking, she said something that just thrilled me to pieces on two levels.

Quote:  You look way too young to have all those kids!

Okay this was such a great statement on so many levels.  See why I liked her?  LOL.   The first bonus doesn’t need to be mentioned – it’s obvious.  The second should be mentioned.  She said ALL THOSE kids.  I – Me – I – have ALL THOSE KIDS!!!  Isn’t it wonderful???????   Three doesn’t really qualify as “all those” but I loved it anyhow.  The conversation continued like this…

Doni – Well actually we waited a long time to build our family and I am plenty old enough to have all those kids.  I am 36.  🙂

Woman – You are kidding!  I was guessing you to be early 20’s!

Note to my good friend Tom Simpson (Kristi can read this and relay the message).  You were so totally right.  Getting my hair dyed today made all the difference!  I lost darn near 20 years!!!!!  AMAZING!!! Hee hee!

I have to admit to being quite disappointed when she later told me that she has severe cataracts and can’t even read anymore.  🙁      In that case, I should be grateful, that she didn’t see the sparkle leap out of my eye, the downcast pout, and the slow saunter back home.  The 20 years I lost all jumped right back on my back.  Such is life.   😉

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5 thoughts on “Hit the Road Jack”

  1. Doni, you are so adorable!!! I’m glad God gave her the joy of you and your children (and yes, I too love the sound of that plural word for you!) I think this is my favorite shoot of Tanner, even though he was tired and done I love the “peek” into the window of him…you captured our Tanner. Those amazing eyes, red hair, darling boy that is growing up right before our eyes! I love those pictures.

    Aunt Beck

  2. what a precious conversation that even included a bit uf humor and humility. 🙂 like you, there’s a bit of 20 still in my – heart… enough that’s i’d smile believing the vision-deficit would see me that way too. sweet.

    LOVE tanner’s smile in that first picture… and he looks like SUCH an angel in that last one!

  3. Ooooh, Doni! You just cracked me up! I’ll be sure to relay the message to Tom…though he won’t be surprised, as he’s always right! LOL!

    If it’s possible, I’ll bet you DO look even more beautiful and youthful than before!

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