Sleep Baby Sleep

If all goes according to plan, I will be doing Cozy’s photo shoot tomorrow (today when you read this).?? I am so excited about it!?? I was practicing a few things with my dolls tonight and Tori kept rearranging my set.?? Mostly she was in my way but the above picture was one happy little capture.?? She thinks she is a photog now too and loves to play with my tripod.

Her non-verbal communication went to the next level today.?? When Jim got home, she started yellin Mama at him (as normal).?? Then she would run.?? Stop.?? Look back.?? Motion him.?? Run.?? Stop.?? Motion him.?? It was quite clear she expected him to follow.?? She led him to the fridge and then pointed at the door.?? She has gotten used to his trip to the fridge when he comes in and she wanted to make sure she was included in his snack time.?? Smarty isn’t she??? I caught her today walking around the house with q-tips sticking out of both ears.?? Dangerous I know.

Stuff to do…gotta go.

This taken earlier this week.???? She has great eyelashes.?? Not as amazing as Ty’s ….but great.

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3 thoughts on “Sleep Baby Sleep”

  1. Can’t wait for baby Cozette’s pics!!!! Yeah – they are sure to be adorable! Have fun today and give a hug from her “Great” Aunt Beck 🙂

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