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I entered a contest and I have a question for you.?? One of the photography sites that I follow offered the first 30 photographers a pair of green and black striped baby legs if they would provide a picture using them within 2 weeks.?? Once the pictures are submitted, there will be a vote and the winner will receive four free pairs of baby legs.?? I LOVE baby legs and it would be fun to win more for Tori and future shoots.

I used Tori and Braxtyn as my models this week and have narrowed it down to these.?? I need to submit just one for the contest.?? Out of these, which has the most visual interest and markets the baby legs the best??? Any thoughts????? Tori and Brax are both beautiful little models so it’s hard for me to pick.???? If the voting is open, I’ll give you a link once it’s up and ask you to vote for me.?? :)?? BTW, first one is not larger out of preference.?? I just saved it under a larger size and don’t want to repost it.

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #14

Picture # 4

Picture #5

Picture # 6

Picture #8

Picture # 9

Love that chicken!?? :)?? Tori didn’t – I’ll show you those later.?? 🙂

Picture below I wouldn’t submit but I did like the drama of the BW.

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27 thoughts on “Question for You”

  1. So hard to decide… all the pictures are wonderful as usual.

    Hmmm…. I actually think that I like #1 best…. don’t know why though. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing which one you choose.

    Blessings to you,

  2. Very hard choice.

    I’d say the 1st one of Braxton with the chicken. You wouldn’t normally see a small child holding a chicken so it’s eye catching. I also like the first one of Tori.

    Good luck. Can’t wait to vote for you and hope you win!

  3. For the baby legs contest, I would pick #4, #8 or #9. And I think if I had to pick just one it would be #8. I love the images of Tori, too, but I think the green dress makes the baby legs stand out more. Very cute, love the colors!

  4. Not sure our answers are going to help you Doni as they all appear to be different. My faves are: #14, # 5 and #9 They are all adorable 🙂

  5. It’s between 14 and 5 for me…. It’s so hard to choose, but I think I might like 5 better just because of the hair thing. It just completes the look.

  6. My favorite is #4 of Braxtyn on the saddle. I too like the green with the green and black leggings. I don’t however care for the big bandana thing on her head. To me it overpowers her precious face and that is where my attention was drawn to (the bandana not the face or the legs).

  7. I love them all, but agree with the one who said Braxtyn holding the chicken, think that’s #8 as you do not expect child to be holding a chicken so it’s attention grabbing.

  8. I think that for marketing the baby legs #4 is my favorite. And I do like #14.
    To me the chicken takes away from the product. Great picture, but if I am looking to buy baby legs, the chicken is kind of a distraction. 😉

    Let us know when the voting begins!

  9. I’m in love with #5 🙂 🙂 🙂 Though I do really like #14 too… I would say that probably #5 would be my choice to submit. 🙂 Totally love the chicken but have to agree that from a marketing angle – yeah, it steals the show. 🙂

  10. I agree,although I love them all #1 definately stands out to promote the baby legs best I think. The pic is adorable.

  11. Number 14 is my favorite–I think the baby legs stand out the most in that picture–number 1 is great too, but I wasn’t drawn to the legs first in that one.

  12. i was going to say 4 (but only if cropped closer to her, less sky/flowers/trees on the top and right sides) or 9, but then i kind of agree that the chicken might be distracting, so i vote for #4 (cropped) or #14. i like that in 9 and 14, they are looking away–i think that draws your eye towards the legs instead of their cute faces. also, i’m drawn to the ones where their legs are closer to the camera to show off the product. i guess it kind of depends on where their marketing is going–do they want to show a cute child having fun & wearing their product, or a pretty picture featuring their product, or what? i like #1 but the flower is too far down on her little forehead and that’s bugging me! i like them all, so it’s hard to decide!!! good luck!

  13. Well…shoot…not sure you guys are helping me LOL. If there was a “standout” it would be easier but there is a lot of varied opinions here. One thing to consider though, is that from what I read today, the voting will be general public. That means it likely won’t be judged based on promotion value. At this particular moment I think I am leaning towards 8 or 9 but I haven’t made up my mind. Thanks for all of your thoughts on this.

  14. I thought the legs stood out the most in #1 and #1 is also my very favorite! They are all so cute!!!

  15. Well here’s my 2 cents for what its worth 🙂 Of course I love them all, but agree with one other person that said that the green dress looks better with the baby legs and also the chicken is darling but takes focus off the baby legs. I actually love the bandana on her head. Its very “now” so my pick is #5 – and her smile makes me smile – AND the baby legs stand out really well in that one.

  16. without a doubt # 14. i LOVE it – very magazine chic. sometimes magazines capture a “look” but don’t focus in on the piece they are advertising – it’s more subtle – so the legs being more prominent in other pics doesn’t bother me a bit. it most fits an ad style if you ask me (oh wait – you DID ask me! ha!) 14 is the best… i am convinced. imho. 🙂

    #9 is WAY cool too though!! and i love that chair – so cool.

    neither looks super posed based on the kids not looking at the camera. the saddle is a super cute one as well.

    here’s a CRAZY idea that they might like because it’s so UNexpected… what if you did something with boys – pajama style stripes… might be hard to pull off last minute without it looking girlie… but it would be shocking and could be cute. (i’m thinking of your boys at Christmas).

    if you’re dead set on 8 or 9 – go for 9. she looks more natural paying attention to the chicken. her smile isn’t what i’ve seen of braxtyn in #8.

  17. Just to add more opinions to the mix – I like #1, #5 & #9 for the following reasons:
    #1 – I think “because” she has a yellow dress the green stockings stand out more and I love her sweet expression (she is happy wearing their product!!!!)
    #5 – Again, looking straight on with a happy expression and matching outfit OR………….
    #9 – Because of the distraction of the chicken it looks “markety” so sheek to have these little models. The whole shoot on this one is the leggings understated but that is what makes it cool.

    Man – asking women their opinions is HARD!!!!!!! Since they are all adorable, anything you choose will be fun and we can’t wait to hear the results! 🙂

  18. I entered #1. Wasn’t my original choice BUT it took the lead on this thread and then JIM threw it over the top by picking it as well and his vote counts for like 100 because if I don’t pick his choice and the whole things goes South, you know what he will say and I can’t delete his “I told you so” emails hee hee. He’ll be sitting at my kitchen table saying – every night. 🙂 Like my big run on sentence?

  19. Ok, I didn’t see this till now. #1 would have been my number one choice too! Tori’s yellow dress makes the leggings really pop. That whole chicken series I find so funny I look at it daily! When do you know the results?

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