Hunter {Phoenix Baby Photography}


One year old Hunter was an absolute doll and such a precious and tolerant little guy considering we did his session in PHOENIX, in AUGUST at SUNRISE. ??It was SO hot and surprisingly humid that day. ??I am not much of a sweater but that day I was dripping. ??And just look at him…took it all in stride. ?? Babies are remarkable.

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I absolutely have to give a shout out to this dad. ??Coincidentally, Mike was one of the firefighters on the scene the day of the great SCOPE incident with Tori. ??One of the scariest days of my life. ??He remembered the situation well and that was in November of 2011 (see that blog post here: ?? ?? I am so thankful for HEROES like Mike. ??I will forever be grateful for the help and support we received that day.

The M Family {Phoenix Family Photography}

Some of my very favorite people in the world…
2015-06-09_0062 2015-06-09_0061
My brother Daniel, sister Brooke and her parents Patrick and Dawn.

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My Mom in Love and her best friend Dawn (yes…my mom and Brooke’s mom have been best friends since the sixth grade…we have been accused of being inbreeders a time or three. ??:)
2015-06-09_0079 2015-06-09_0078 2015-06-09_0077
Josh (aka Peyton’s daddy) and Patrick
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Victor and Kristy {Phoenix Engagement Session)


My cousin Kristy is getting MARRIED in July (the 25th to be exact)! ?? So exciting. ?? We had a wonderful day together up North and even got to work in some canoe pictures. ??Too fun!

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My brother David was our??gondolier. ??:)

2015-05-08_0002 2015-05-08_0003 2015-05-08_0004 2015-05-08_0005 2015-05-08_0006 2015-05-08_0007
I had to get a close up shot of my Grammy’s Wedding ring. ??So glad that Kristy is now the proud owner.
2015-05-08_0008 2015-05-08_0013

Congratulations Victor and Kristy!!!!

Josh and Britt {Phoenix Pregnancy Photography}



I am getting pretty excited to meet Miss Peyton! ??Josh and Britt told us five years ago that they were going to stick to a five year plan and they meant it because that is about exactly what happened so we have been waiting and waiting on this little girl. ??And Britt….what a gorgeous expectant mama – inside and out. ??I have loved these two their entire lives and I can’t wait to love on this precious new life.

2015-04-06_0001 2015-04-06_0009 2015-04-06_0008 2015-04-06_0007 2015-04-06_0006
We were chasing the rain this entire session but somehow we managed to stay just ahead of it.
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