September 2017



Tanner’s first soccer game of the season?? *?? Shopping for Christmas card pictures?? *?? Family Camping Trip?? *?? Troy eye Dr. with Cassidy?? *?? Bible Study?? * Archery?? * Soccer?? *?? Our 23rd anniversary!?? *?? My 1 year TrimAnniversary?? *?? Ty with Kristi Day?? *?? Dr. Griego for Jim and I?? *?? Tanner fishing day for Graham’s birthday?? *?? Papago Park pictures?? *?? Picture shoot of David and Aimee


Fishing day with the guys!


Troy had his eye dr appointment with Dr. Cassidy today.?? Dr. Cassidy said that he needs to stop eyeglasses for awhile because his eyes are so relaxed with his glasses that now he is crossing even worse WITH glasses.?? He said his right eye is wandering now but I still think his left eye is worse.?? He said it is good if it is both because that means he is using both.?? He wants him in sunglasses outside.?? He MAY go back to glasses and patching but he sees pretty good without the glasses.?? He only wants me to patch for 10 minutes a day if I notice an increase in the eye issues.?? He wants to wait until Dec at least before making a surgery decision because he was going to do just a vertical surgery but right now it looks like he needs a horizontal surgery as well and he would rather combine those surgeries into one if it proves necessary as opposed to doing two more surgeries.?? He things he will have a better idea of what is going to happen if Troy is not wearing his glasses for a couple months.?? Sounds like surgery will still be at the beginning of the year though.



I went up to Camp Verde for the day to take David and Aimee’s family pictures and got a quick pic with two of my four guys.

Oh our kids!?? Our friends joke and say that we have a central command center set up for school.?? Our desks our in an L shape.?? This is intentional so that I can see all computer screens in our home (protecting children from the dangers of the web you know – also so I can see their school work and they won’t see me sneakin’ up on em’).?? Anyhow, the kids all have skype because they use this with their cousins.?? One day they discovered that they could skype message each other during school.?? I don’t think they realized that I was also getting their messages.?? Just made me laugh.


I bet you can easily pick out which message was moms!?? LOL.?? And to this I say…

While going through my bookshelf, I picked up my toddler bible and thumbed through it feeling nostalgic.?? I had forgotten the inscription.?? My dear Aunt Beck purchased this for me when I was two years old.?? What a treasure to have from her.?? What she said, how she said it, her handwriting, the gift itself…all precious to me.


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