Lil Gentleman

Tanner has such a tender heart.  This week before going to Sweetie???s I talked to him about being good and quiet and I explained about Sweetie???s surgery and incision.  The Everett gals (my mom???s maiden name), have certain colloquialisms that I have been exposed to all my life.  As a result, we all talk alike.  I knew Tanner had been ???listening??? when he responded to Sweetie???s surgery update by saying ???Mommy!  That makes me want to cry!  That makes me sheel sick!  Is she better????  All the women in my family say what Tanner said in just that way and in just that order.  Needless to say, Sweetie loved that story.

Papa got a kick out of Tanner this week too.  While trying to spike Tanner???s hair with gel (which he usually wants), he kept flattening the top out wrecking my work!  I asked him why he didn???t want spikes and he said ???Look like Papa!???. LOL!  I didn???t tell him he would have to shave the top of his head bald to accomplish that.  Didn???t want to give him any ideas! LOL

This week I heard Tanner saying to Ty ???That not good toy for you baby.  That no is.???  All said in a very sing songy voiceJ.  Like his daddy, he is a great caregiver.  Well???mostly???Jim and I did watch him scare Ty this week.  He was pretending to be a raptor (dinosaur) and was very slowly and methodically hunting his prey (his brother).  Ty watched with wide eyes and when Tanner started his raptor screeches that about did Ty in.  Jim and I were hiding our faces behind couch pillows laughing hysterically. 

He does so many things in a week to make me laugh it is hard to remember them all.  Yesterday I had to go the store and he wanted to go with me.  He had been watching ???Point Break??? with Daddy.  Side Note:  How many times can men watch Point Break without becoming a cult follower?  Is it Keanu Reeves possibly?  Jim will watch Matrix over and over and over too.  Hmmmm???I???ll have to think about that. 

Anyhow, when I put Tanner in the car I saw him pretending to get something off the bottom of his feet.  I asked him what he was doing and he said ???Taking my skate board off???.  Oohhhh!  That is very practical.  One doesn???t wear skateboards in their careseats.  LOL!  BTW, in Tannerese, skateboard means surfboard. In Arizona he will have plenty of opportunities to surf LOL!  Good thing he is a good pretender!

Tanner is getting really good at learning polite behavior.  He say???s ???please???, ???key-q??? and ???scooze me??? and uses all three often and appropriately.  What a little gentlemen he is turning intoJ.

On a sad note, Tanner has been sick since Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving day Tanner started coming down with my cold symptoms and has been pretty miserable ever since.  The strange thing is that Ty has my cold also but his symptoms are not nearly as bad as Tanner???s (praise the Lord!).  This is the second time this has happened.  Remember the whole mystery rash deal where Ty barely got it and Tanner had it for over 3 weeks plus very high fevers?  God has so gracefully covered Ty and I am so thankful but I also feel bad that Tanner keeps getting knocked flat with illness.  I wonder if Ty is actually getting more vitamins than Tanner?  Hmmmmmm??????

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