Sweetie came home last Tuesday and overall she is doing well.  Her incision is enormous.  It starts under her bottom rib on her right side and slants across to her left hip.  I had no idea it would be that large!  Looks like they were sawing her in half!!  Please pray that her gall bladder will stay under control.  She has been getting some attacks already and she is barely eating. 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving though with so much to be thankful for.  While decorating for Christmas I was listening to SCC???s Christmas album (is it obvious that he is one of my favorite artists?).  There is a song on that album that talks about a woman that knows she is dying and she is telling her family that she is going home for Christmas (heaven).  I sat and cried my eyes out.  That could have been our family this holiday season.  It could have been???but it wasn???t. 

We weren???t sure if we would take the boys out since we are in ???lock down??? but we decided to take a risk for one day since I had been the one that had been the sickest all week anyhow and the boys were already exposed.  Ty burned the midnight oil all day.  You would think that a baby who has spent so much time under ???lock down??? would tend to be intimidated of people.  Not a bit.  He had a great day and enjoyed everybody.  Such a people person.  Tanner was thrilled to death to be with his cousins too.

P.S.  Anyone have any ideas on where we can get a cheap laptop for mom?  Mom does the bookwork for missionaries in Brazil and for Immanuel Missions.  Her computer is upstairs and she is very particular about how these things get done so a laptop seems to be the best solution for her right now.

P.S.S. ??? Cute Noah StoryJ 

As the cousins haven???t been able to spend much time together due to the lockdown, they get very excited to see one another.  When Tanner first saw Noah he said ???Wook Noah!  It???s ME!!!???  LOL.  Having fun also means a lot of rough house.  The boys have not figured out quite yet that Zandi has to be treated tenderly.  Tanner was getting too rough playing with Zandi and caught her square in the face.  I was having a talk with Tanner about this and while I was getting after him I could feel this little presence peeking over my shoulder.  Kids are always fascinated when someone ELSE is getting in trouble.  Anyhow, I told Tanner ???You may not ever hit your cousin Tanner!???  Instantly, the little voice over my shoulder (Noah) said ???I am your cousin!???  LOL!  He thought he had better take the opportunity to let Tanner know that my statement warranted protection for him too.  He is such a cutey!

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