To Paint…Or Not?

Last week I was driving my mother in love nuts!  She has been trying to convince me to paint my walls for a long time and I adjust very slowly to change.  We went round and round trying to decide colors.  I would settle on something than change my mind again minutes later.  (Mom…I am still not completely settled on our idea yet….sorry!!)  I am a white wall gal and the thought of coloring my walls just sends shivers down my spine.  I am truly at the point of wanting to do it but I am afraid that I will hate it.  Of course my MIL keeps telling me "Quit worrying!  We can repaint!"  I know that but the hassle of that…..aaaghhh!!  Anyhow, while thinking about my paint colors it reminded me of a conversation with my SIL Brooke.  She is a "just the facts ma’m" person so she’ll never read this little obscure paragraph LOL!:) 

Brooke and I are opposites in many areas.  She loves to paint her walls and changes colors all the time.  She also loves to experiment and this really gets me nervous.  When she moved into her house 2 years ago she decided to "paper bag" the office wall.  The thought made me want to hyperventilate;).  I tried to talk her out of it because I knew that she would get bored with it eventually and you can’t remove paper bagging without replastering!! 

In her last trimester she finally decided that the office needed to be converted to Graham’s room.  She chose a beach theme and was anxious to get started.  Uh Oh!  What to do with that wall?  Imagine the scene….Aimee, Jodi, myself and Brooke were sitting together discussing ideas for this room.  The dreaded wall discussion came up.  Brooke, realizing the bagged wall just wasn’t going to work invited us all to a little work day to figure out what to do about it.  Jodi, Aimee, and I stared speechless.  We were desperate for a solution that would NOT include a work party.  A thousand thoughts were running through my brain (not the least of which was I TOLD YOU SO LOL!).  In record time, Miss Aimee saved the day!  In a panic;), she suggested Brooke make that wall look like a beach hut with a bamboo ledge over the window.  Go Aimee!!!  Brooke loved the idea and the room is adorable.  Jodi and I paid Aimee off later (just joking:).

Why did I share that?  I have no idea:).  Just thinking about my walls today and that brown bag wall is always going to make me smile…because it isn’t mine…and if I play my cards right, I’ll never have to worry about it! LOL!!!!  Sheeeshhhh…the things that keep me up nights!

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