Tanner Diary

Age:  3 years 6 months
Weight: 32 pounds
Height: 37.75 inches

Playing Chicken
Yesterday I was vacuuming the front room.  I had Ty in his little walker (which generally he hates).  Tanner seems to think that everytime I vacuum, I am playing "chicken" with him and he runs screaming all through the house.  This time he wanted his brother to join in the fun.  Imagine how fast a walker can fly across a laminate wood floor?  LOL!  Just kidding, I wasn’t letting him push it that hard.  Even so, Tanner still dumped it and his brother landed on his head.  (He’s fine).  Tanner screamed louder than Ty and I both.  I could tell immediately that Ty was okay (babies bounce – thank the Lord).  Anyhow, Tanner kept screaming "Sorry Baby!" over and over.  He actually injured Ty worse trying to hug him because he bonked him on the front of the head.  I thought it was so precious that Tanner was so upset and concerned for his brother.  I also appreciated the immediate accountability and apology…until….the tables turned on me.  Tanner looked up at me and said "MOMMY!!  Don’t chase him with dat ting!" LOL!  I stared speechless.  The blame had just been passed on to me as though it were my fault that Tanner pushed over the walker.  The walker that I was NOT chasing…the chicken game is a figment of Tanner’s imagination.  Kids…

Fear Factor
On Sunday Papa and Sweetie were spending time with the boys.  Tanner kept trying to get Sweetie to play with him and was begging her saying "Sweetie…play Sheer Shactor with da Shags!"  It took a bit for us to figure out that he wanted her to play Fear Factor and have his cars knock over flags.

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