God is Good

Between Ty’s surgery this week and my mom’s surgery, we have been pretty busy.  I have contracted some virus and have a sore throat today and am paranoid that the boys will get it.  I really don’t want to end up back in the hospital with the baby!!  Maybe he could handle a minor cold okay now though? 

One of my brothers was expressing concern today over the situation with mom.  A comment was made that in our family things seem to go from bad to worse so you tend to get paranoid.  I thought about that and decided to post something tonight on keeping things in perspective and being grateful for the mercy that God has allowed this year.

Yes Jim and I lost 10 babies in miscarriages and yes several more that we had hoped to adopt….BUT God gave us Ty this year.

Yes Ty was born a micro preemie and this has been a very very tough year…BUT Ty lived and he is doing just great.

Yes Daniel and Brooke had 3 miscarriages and were scared to death about future pregnancies…BUT Graham was born in Sept.

Yes Darin and Jodi had 2 miscarriages this past year…BUT they will be finding out on Monday if we are getting a boy or girl!

Yes Mom was diagnosed with cancer and had her kidney removed this week…BUT it appears to be stage 1.

God has rained mercy down on us despite all the storms and we are truly grateful.

God is good….all the time.
All the time…God is good!

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