Troy and Remington

My sweet, sweet boys.?? I have long wanted to focus on more ARIZONA pictures so I thought I would take a few of Troy and my nephew Remy while out on the lake during a family fun day.?? Worked out perfectly that Troy’s rash guard matched the kayak that Papa bought for the kids.?? We spend quite a bit of time at this lake during the summer so precious memories to capture.?? Troy and Remy are best buddies so I was glad to capture them together too.


Fall Blessings

Early in the year I ordered this yellow outfit and umbrella for Troy.?? I idealized a scene up in Camp Verde near the river.?? As the months flew by, I realized that my session was unlikely to take place.?? I just didn’t have enough time to work out the details.?? So instead, I decided to create my vision at home.?? I love fall.?? October is my favorite month of the year.?? And I love rain.?? And baby ducks.?? And ESPECIALLY…TROY.