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  • Underwater Mermaid

    Underwater Mermaid

    This mermaid image took about 10 hours to complete (not counting the actual stock shooting!).?? It was so much fine to design. I was inspired by a Tara Lesher image that I saw and wanted something similar for my own little girl.?? I have been having so much fun working on these digital composites as […]

  • Pirate on the High Seas

    Pirate on the High Seas

    Troy had fun playing with mama and was doing a great acting job for me!?? In light of shark week, I have lots of ocean art planned.

  • Big Creature Small Creature

    Big Creature Small Creature

    When I was a little girl, my mom always played this 8 Track (yep…aging myself here) by The Hawaiins.?? They had a song on there that I loved as a child.?? I recall the lyrics were something like this. Big creature small creature anywhere you are creature come now and praise the Lord.?? Sing praise […]

  • Bubblin Over

    Bubblin Over

    (I named this piece after a song my Aunt Beck used to sing with me when I was a little girl.?? “Jesus love is a bubblin over.?? Jesus love is in my soul.”?? She would repeat this part over and over and I would sing underneath her “Bubblin Over Bubblin Over?? Bubblin Over”.?? We used […]