Bubblin Over

(I named this piece after a song my Aunt Beck used to sing with me when I was a little girl.?? “Jesus love is a bubblin over.?? Jesus love is in my soul.”?? She would repeat this part over and over and I would sing underneath her “Bubblin Over Bubblin Over?? Bubblin Over”.?? We used to loved to sing together.?? I miss her so much.)

A couple of weeks ago I was having girl time with my amazing friend??Erin McFarland. I was lamenting about how home school, business, household responsibilities, life in general???were all derailing my creativity and ability to capture the images of my own children that I wanted. All this creates anxiety when every single moment they are getting older! You can’t redo it. Erin mentioned that I hadn’t done composite work in a very long time and that I used to really love that. I realized it has been five years since I worked on an art project. After this conversation I spend a good amount of time considering my situation and it occurred to me that if I could AT LEAST capture the story on a white screen in my home, then I could later (even 10 years from now), build my art project around it. So this week I made a list of ideas and took all kinds of stock images of Tori and Troy so that eventually I can create the stories I see. I can’t even begin to express how much stress was lifted the moment those captures were done! I have those shots now and if I can’t touch them for years???I HAVE THEM! Yay! Of course, now that I have them, I am anxious to get started and school doesn’t start for about 1.5 weeks so that gives me a little time. Win!

This first Live Loved Art piece is of my 9 year old daughter Tori. She has loved mermaids for a good long time now so I knew I needed to create several stories around them. This is just one of many mermaid composites I intend to create.

These projects take many hours and are a real investment of heart and time. Bringing all the elements together blending both fantasy and realism is a tricky process.

Hopefully, I will begin adding to this collection real soon as I love creative art and the keepsake pieces that I am curating of my own children.

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