Sweetie Cancer Update

Pathology report came in this morning!  Good news!  The cancer was in fact Stage 1 only and it was also a Level 1 carcinoma (clear cell)!!!  It was larger than they thought it would be which could indicate it was getting a little more aggressive or it was just there a long time.  The Dr. was excited for her and said she should consider herself CURED!!!! THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR MERCY!!  Sweetie_1 Yes, she will be watched closely and yes, theoretically she could develop cancer again but the Dr. does not think the chances of this are very high and he told her not to live in fear.  She has still not had anything to eat and has barely walked.  They weaned her of her epidural last night and she will be needing to walk more today.  Hopefully she will come home on Monday or Tuesday if all goes well.  Thank you for your continued prayer support!!! God is good…all the time.  All the time…God is good.

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  1. How thankful we are to the Lord for all His blessings! Again we repeat, God is in charge of the drama of our lives, and what drama we come up with!!! This is a public praise for the success of Ty’s surgery and for all the “coincidences” that lead to the successful surgery for Deanna. God indeed is good – ALL THE TIME!
    All my love,
    Aunt Beck

  2. Oh Doni, that is just the best news on earth. I lost my Daddy to cancer in 1999 and I am so thankful that your mom has had a much happier prognosis. You see, God arranged it so that the cancer would be detected early, and has put His hand upon her. I am so happy for your family. Blessings to all of you, and please tell Sweetie there is a family in Southern California praying especially for her.

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