New Diary Format

SURPRISE!  I know I know….I am changing formats again.  I have decided to give this typepad weblog a trial run for 30 days.  Why?

  1. Easier organization of my archives
  2. Easier viewing
  3. Easier searching
  4. Easier photo publishing
  5. Fun comments:)

If you are "behind" in reviewing web postings for Nov, you can get to the original postings HERE.

Special Note on comments:

I will not be "replying" to comments.  If you would like a reply or have a question, please email me directly. 

I am not using this weblog service to publish my site and journals more publicly.  The intent of this site was for family and friends (and all my new web friends;).  This is still a very personal and theraputic endeavor for me though.  Often times, I post things that are very controversial to the general public.  This site was not intended for the general public.  I am not going to "password" protect my journals, and I welcome old and new friends alike to visit, but I do want my visitors to remember when they are reading my posts who my "target" audience is.  I am not going to filter what I say, so I guess this is just a warning to read at your own risk if you have stumbled upon this site and do not always appreciate my postings:) LOL!

If I don’t like this format, I will go back to posting my diaries on my website.  We’ll see how it goes!

One concern I have is bandwidth.  My personal site allows for 10 gigs of bandwidth where this package only allows for 3.  On my site, I am using more than 5 per month.  The maximum I can get with typepad is 8 gigs so this may or may not be an option for me.  This format may decrease the amount of bandwidth being used so maybe I’ll slide by:).

2 responses to “New Diary Format”

  1. Doni, your new format is even more awesome! You are really getting to be an Internet star. You are absolutely an inspiration to mommies everywhere and I am honored to count myself your virtual friend. Kisses to your two beautiful sons, and hugs to you and your wonderful husband, and Sweetie, and your whole family. Love, your faithful reader, Gretchen C.

  2. Hey!! I love your new format!! It’s very neat!! I just don’t know what I’d do if you ever quit posting!! Something would be missing from my life!! 🙂
    Love A faithful reader,

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