Love this lady already!

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My cousin Kristy is getting MARRIED in July (the 25th to be exact)!   So exciting.   We had a wonderful day together up North and even got to work in some canoe pictures.  Too fun!

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My brother David was our gondolier.  🙂

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I had to get a close up shot of my Grammy’s Wedding ring.  So glad that Kristy is now the proud owner.
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Congratulations Victor and Kristy!!!!



I am getting pretty excited to meet Miss Peyton!  Josh and Britt told us five years ago that they were going to stick to a five year plan and they meant it because that is about exactly what happened so we have been waiting and waiting on this little girl.  And Britt….what a gorgeous expectant mama – inside and out.  I have loved these two their entire lives and I can’t wait to love on this precious new life.

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We were chasing the rain this entire session but somehow we managed to stay just ahead of it.
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Is there anything cuter than a baby with a ducky…with a hat…in the river?

Maybe a baby with a ducky and a hat in the river WITH his brother in blue underwear and rain boots?  Ya – awesomesauce.


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You would be surprised at the complications and challenges with giving a toddler a red umbrella.  LOL.   But oh so cute.
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Oh did Caleb (big brother) make me laugh.  I love toddlers.  You just never know what they are going to say, or do, or think, or act, or SING….   Caleb kept me laughing all morning.   I think the kid could likely repeat the Pooh script quite accurately.

See you again at your one year Cubby and all your friends!  XXXOOO


I have had the privilege of working with the D family (several D family members) for over five years now.  It was so much fun for me to get to spent time with ELEVEN of these fabulous people all on the same day this time.   While shooting extended family groups can be challenging, it can also be wildly entertaining.  🙂     And…what a gift for the whole family unit to have pictures of EVERYONE together.  I must find a way to do this with my own family someday.   I am learning more and more all the time how precious life is and time with our loves ones can’t be taken for granted.  I am so glad this family took the time to stop and capture this moment in time in their lives and celebrate the love they have for one and another.

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Little Miss Ella, (picture right), whispered in my ear at the end of the session, “Can I have my picture taken with YOU?”.   Too precious.   She was six months old when I first captured her on film (and Maddie was 3 months at our first session).  I have loved getting to see these two grow.  They are beautiful inside and out and I love getting the chance to just hug these cutie pies.