Pick Up the Phone

When I was in the third grade my friend Sabrina and I were playing in our front room when all of a sudden by little brother David comes busting through the back door in a panic.  ???Someone wet my wizard woose!!!!??? he yelled throughout the house! (Someone let my lizard loose).   What a terrible tragedy that was!  Can you imagine the horror of it?  I find myself asking what is worse?  Loosing one???s lizard to a brother that staged a jail break or being incapable of pronouncing the letter ???L????  That is a toss up!

David could be the topic of many many many of my memory lane ramblings.  He is onery.  He is a button pusher.  He doesn???t take ???no??? for an answer.  He acts first and thinks about consequences later.  He says whatever comes to mind without any thought of filtering.  He goes against the grain and has no prideJ. 

He did not even hesitate when he pulled me out of Daniel???s pool and started giving me CPR!  (No, I was not drowning.  Apparently he just thought I would make a good test case).  That is just a wicked thing to do to your sister.  Oh my gosh that was disgusting!  Who would do that?  To their own sister and on purpose?  Check out his picture in the Nov album.  He even looks a bit Jeff Foxworthyish at the moment. 

He can drive me nuttier than anybody (and he knows it).  He is also one of the most giving, unselfish, tender hearted and compassionate people that I know and I love him so much!

Even though I do indeed love him, sometimes a sister does need a little recourse.  I have been kissed on the lips by this brother one too many times lately (as Tanner would say ???das gwoss???!).  So I thought I would share a little something with you.  David is under the opinion that I screen my calls all of the time and that I purposefully don???t answer his calls (not true).  He has these very long and one sided conversations with me over my answering machine while continually petitioning Tanner to get me to pick the phone up.  (Which we never hear because I am NOT screening his calls).  Anyhow, I couldn???t stop giggling when he decided to sing ???Pick up the phone??? to me this week.  I have decided to make that message available to the public.  Listen to this clip:  Download PickUpthePhone.mp3 (very short mp3 file).

Sadly, my attempt at retaliation will not work.  He will probably get great joy and satisfaction out of this.  I never win.

Another GIRL – YIPPEE!

Congratulations to Darin and Jodi!!!!  They found out this morning that they are having a GIRL!!!  Her name is Karsyn Lynn. 

It was high time for another girl in this family – lil’ Miss Zandi needs a friend!  Here are the stats: 

May 2001 – Tanner

Nov 2002 – 18 months later – Noah

Aug 2003 – 10 months later – Zandi

Jan 2004 – 5 months later – Ty

Sep 2004 – 8 months later – Graham

Dec 2004 – 3 months later (expecting:) – Zane

April 2005 – 4 months later (expecting) – Karsyn

YEP!  We definitely needed another girl!

Sweetie Update

Mom is doing well this fine morning.  She has been eating and walking some and is off her IV pain meds.  Her incision was very large so I imagine it will take some time before she really feels "good" but she has been tolerated the pain well over the last couple of days.  Hopefully, she will be coming home today or tomorrow. 

New Diary Format

SURPRISE!  I know I know….I am changing formats again.  I have decided to give this typepad weblog a trial run for 30 days.  Why?

  1. Easier organization of my archives
  2. Easier viewing
  3. Easier searching
  4. Easier photo publishing
  5. Fun comments:)

If you are "behind" in reviewing web postings for Nov, you can get to the original postings HERE.

Special Note on comments:

I will not be "replying" to comments.  If you would like a reply or have a question, please email me directly. 

I am not using this weblog service to publish my site and journals more publicly.  The intent of this site was for family and friends (and all my new web friends;).  This is still a very personal and theraputic endeavor for me though.  Often times, I post things that are very controversial to the general public.  This site was not intended for the general public.  I am not going to "password" protect my journals, and I welcome old and new friends alike to visit, but I do want my visitors to remember when they are reading my posts who my "target" audience is.  I am not going to filter what I say, so I guess this is just a warning to read at your own risk if you have stumbled upon this site and do not always appreciate my postings:) LOL!

If I don’t like this format, I will go back to posting my diaries on my website.  We’ll see how it goes!

One concern I have is bandwidth.  My personal site allows for 10 gigs of bandwidth where this package only allows for 3.  On my site, I am using more than 5 per month.  The maximum I can get with typepad is 8 gigs so this may or may not be an option for me.  This format may decrease the amount of bandwidth being used so maybe I’ll slide by:).

Sweetie Cancer Update

Pathology report came in this morning!  Good news!  The cancer was in fact Stage 1 only and it was also a Level 1 carcinoma (clear cell)!!!  It was larger than they thought it would be which could indicate it was getting a little more aggressive or it was just there a long time.  The Dr. was excited for her and said she should consider herself CURED!!!! THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR MERCY!!  Sweetie_1 Yes, she will be watched closely and yes, theoretically she could develop cancer again but the Dr. does not think the chances of this are very high and he told her not to live in fear.  She has still not had anything to eat and has barely walked.  They weaned her of her epidural last night and she will be needing to walk more today.  Hopefully she will come home on Monday or Tuesday if all goes well.  Thank you for your continued prayer support!!! God is good…all the time.  All the time…God is good.