July 2017



Despicable Me 3?? *?? Grammy in the hospital?? *?? 4th of July at Lake Pleasant?? *?? BBQ with Mom and Dad?? * Ice Cream with Papa and Sweetie?? *?? Luau with Grandma?? *?? Spider Man (just Tanner and Ty)?? *?? ??Gymnastics?? *?? Massage?? *?? Time with Sabrina?? *?? Bartlett Lake Day?? *?? Braxtyn’s Harry Potter Birthday Party?? *?? Weekend with Liza?? *?? Time with Ryker and Cooper?? *?? Jim’s 45th birthday?? *



July 3rd
Fourth of July celebration at Lake Pleasant.?? Just Jim and I and the kids went this year.?? Was beautiful.?? Jim and I sat in our two seater raft and watched the fireworks from the water.?? I always wanted to do that.?? Loved it.?? The kids, mostly Tanner, caught 30 blue gil!

July 19th

Went to Lake Bartlett with Jim and the kids.?? It was a gorgeous overcast day.?? The water was super high and it was so peaceful.?? We played the Hillsong United Wonder album a lot and I just soaked it in.?? Tanner spent his time fishing and caught bluegill and bass.




July 6th

Tanner went kayaking with Papa, David and Zane up at blue ridge and caught blue gil and then Aunt Aimee made them meatball subs for dinner.?? He had a great time.

July 20th

Jim and Tanner went and bought Tanner’s fish tank he has been wanting.?? He wants to raise a fish he catches.?? The two of them have been working/planning this project all week.?? I love how Jim dives in deeply to our interests.?? That is something super special about him.




I upset Tori by telling her she couldn’t do something.

Troy:?? Mom if you make her cry you are going to make me cry because I am in love with her!


I have to admit, I was not moved.?? We had ANOTHER talk about emotional manipulation.?? He does make me laugh though.?? When will he catch on though that mom doesn’t give into the cry card?

I was talking to Tori in the bathroom unaware that Troy was listening to us in the hallway.?? Jim had heard Cooper say “I hate your shoes!” to Troy the night before and Daddy was not happy that Tori felt it necessary to repeat that to Troy to make sure he heard.?? I was talking to her about that and Troy walks around the corner and says, “I actually enjoyed it!”

“You ENJOYED it?” I say.

“Ya!?? I enjoyed it!”

“Why did you enjoy hearing that?”

“Because I hate these shoes too.?? I just like to wear them!”
LOL.?? They were the sandal tivos.



July 13th

Took Tori to see Amy at Pediatrix because her right ear has been hurting for the last 3 weeks since swimming.?? She has swimmer’s ear.?? Was given antibiotics for her ear that she takes for 7 days.?? She has not “reported” on the heart monitor much this week at all.?? Maybe one very minor thing?

July 21st

Today is Braxtyn’s 11th birthday.?? She is having a girl party at Annalee’s with the theme of Harry Potter.?? Tori was so excited to go.?? She has been talking about her outfit, how she would do her hair (high pony with curls), what her schedule needed to be???.all week.?? So cute.?? She got up this morning and put her plan in motion.?? She even planned her breakfast.?? The apple didn’t fall far did she hee hee??? Unfortunatly, due to freshly washed hair, she wasn’t liking the “bump” or the “frizz” and I kept having to adjust things over and over because she knew exactly what she wanted and she could accept no less this morning.?? My baby girl is growing up.?? I hope she has a fantastic tiime.


July 17th

I have been working hard on my personal task list in June and July.?? Last year was so time consuming with school that I just go nothing personal done.?? So???I have spent the last few weeks burning discs, organizing files, copying Mini High 8 videos, getting ready for school.?? I have gotten so much done and am pretty proud of myself.

Last week when Erin came over we had a talk about inspiration and composites.?? I have been grieving the fact that my littles are getting big and that I spend so much time on my business that I don’t get out and do the things I want.?? I have been really sad about this lately.?? I have big plans but it is so hard to bring those ideas to fruition when I am so consumed with school and work.?? Anyhow, my talk with Erin inspired me to get back into composites.?? I may not be able to get Troy out to a creek and do those umbrella/duck/rainboot shots this summer as I intended BUT I can take stock images of him and then later composite the scene I dream up.?? Realizing that taking stock shots at home with lots of ideas knowing that I can work on them 10 years from now if I want???.that really helped lift a burden.?? So Monday I took a ton of stock pictures of Tori and Troy and next week will do some of Tanner and Ty.?? I seriously can take deeper breaths just by doing this because I know now I will be able to create some inspired art that will make me really happy and I don’t have as much pressure on me.?? It has also got me dreaming again.?? I realized I haven’t painted anything in five years!!!?? I have a long list now of inspiration ideas that I will have so much fun working on.?? I realized this was really important to me and I have been over the moon with thinking about it.?? I hope the school year doesn’t kill it.?? But???at least I have the stock shots done for a lot of them.?? That is a BIG DEAL.


July 22

Liza came in for the weekend and we had an amazing time together.?? We went up to Camp Verde, had dinner at an Italian restaurant and just hung out.?? We also went kayaking with Daniel, home to Cracker Barrel with the family and then stayed up until 5:00 AM Monday morning talking (and she had to leave by 7:00 AM to catch her flight).?? We burn the candle at both ends when she comes and it is worth every minute.?? Treasure that time with my much loved friend.


From the Luau that Grandma orchestrated

Tori time with Sabrina (her birth sister)

Tori and her selfie obsession.?? When does this happen?

Underwater Mermaid

This mermaid image took about 10 hours to complete (not counting the actual stock shooting!).?? It was so much fine to design. I was inspired by a Tara Lesher image that I saw and wanted something similar for my own little girl.?? I have been having so much fun working on these digital composites as a last hurrah before school starts.

Here is the link to my inspiration:????https://www.facebook.com/TaraLesherPhotography/photos/a.351951508268333.1073741862.231942250269260/1028118023985008/?type=3&theater

Here is the storyboard of all the different elements I used to craft this scene:

Big Creature Small Creature

When I was a little girl, my mom always played this 8 Track (yep…aging myself here) by The Hawaiins.?? They had a song on there that I loved as a child.?? I recall the lyrics were something like this.

Big creature small creature anywhere you are creature come now and praise the Lord.?? Sing praise to the Father.?? Sing praise to the Son.?? Sing praise to the Spirit,??who makes all creatures one.?? Sing praise for the goodness, of what the Lord has done.?? Let all creatures praise, praise the Lord.

I thought of this song when I put my small creature with a big creature in a bathtub.

Bubblin Over

(I named this piece after a song my Aunt Beck used to sing with me when I was a little girl.?? “Jesus love is a bubblin over.?? Jesus love is in my soul.”?? She would repeat this part over and over and I would sing underneath her “Bubblin Over Bubblin Over?? Bubblin Over”.?? We used to loved to sing together.?? I miss her so much.)

A couple of weeks ago I was having girl time with my amazing friend??Erin McFarland. I was lamenting about how home school, business, household responsibilities, life in general???were all derailing my creativity and ability to capture the images of my own children that I wanted. All this creates anxiety when every single moment they are getting older! You can’t redo it. Erin mentioned that I hadn’t done composite work in a very long time and that I used to really love that. I realized it has been five years since I worked on an art project. After this conversation I spend a good amount of time considering my situation and it occurred to me that if I could AT LEAST capture the story on a white screen in my home, then I could later (even 10 years from now), build my art project around it. So this week I made a list of ideas and took all kinds of stock images of Tori and Troy so that eventually I can create the stories I see. I can’t even begin to express how much stress was lifted the moment those captures were done! I have those shots now and if I can’t touch them for years???I HAVE THEM! Yay! Of course, now that I have them, I am anxious to get started and school doesn’t start for about 1.5 weeks so that gives me a little time. Win!

This first Live Loved Art piece is of my 9 year old daughter Tori. She has loved mermaids for a good long time now so I knew I needed to create several stories around them. This is just one of many mermaid composites I intend to create.

These projects take many hours and are a real investment of heart and time. Bringing all the elements together blending both fantasy and realism is a tricky process.

Hopefully, I will begin adding to this collection real soon as I love creative art and the keepsake pieces that I am curating of my own children.